Detroit 67 in conversation

The Detroit Historical Society’s oral and written history online archive is a unique and invaluable resource, universally accessible to students, researchers and everyone with an interest in Detroit’s past and future. A wide range of perspectives is represented, including those of individuals who were present and in positions of authority in 1967, people who lived in the city at the time and have remained, and people who have moved away. In addition, we have interviewed people who were not yet born in 1967 but have been eager to reflect on how the events affected their lives, their families and their future. Numerous community leaders have been interviewed, including Reverend Wendell Anthony, Edward Deeb, Dr. Karl Gregory, Mike Hamlin, Donald Lobsinger, Marsha Battle Philpot, Reverend Lonnie Peek, Bob Roselle, Harriett Saperstein, and Adam Shakoor.

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