Vesey, Denmark, ca. 1767-1822


Notable Black American Men. Gale Research, 1998. "Carpenter, minister, revolutionary... 'Remember Denmark Vesey of Charleston!' was the battle cry of the first black regiment formed to fight in the Civil War. The war achieved what Denmark (Telemaque) Vesey had so desperately striven for — the abolition of slavery. He had planned his own war of liberation in 1822, but his plans were revealed before the uprising could take place...Vesey's actions were particularly courageous because by the time he planned his rebellion, he had already gained his freedom and was making a good living. But he had seen too much suffering — he hated slavery and slaveholders--and he was determined to free his people from the terrible oppression and cruelty. Like others who rose against the system, Vesey was condemned to death and hanged...Vesey became a symbol in the struggle for freedom and an inspiration for later abolitionists, including John Brown." Wikipedia, 31 Oct. 2012: African-Caribbean most famous for leading a slave rebellion in the United States. He was enslaved in the Caribbean before being brought to the United States and was probably of Coromantee background. After purchasing his freedom, he planned what would have been one of the largest slave rebellions in the United States. Word of the plans was leaked, and at Charleston, South Carolina, authorities arrested the plot's leaders before the uprising could begin. Vesey and others were tried, convicted and executed.

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