Taylor, J. Randolph (John Randolph), 1929-


J. Randolph Taylor left his Charlotte, North Carolina pastorate in 1985 to assume presidency of San Francisco Theological Semnary (SFTS) in California. Taylor's family lived in China's Kiangsu province until he was three. After college, Taylor an dhis wife, Arline, went to Scotland so he could study the works of James Denney under New Testament theologian Archibald M. Hunter. After he earned his degree, the Taylors returned to America, where he took a pulpit at the Church of Pilgrims in Washington, D.C. With the Reverend Jefferson Rogers, he helped launch the Washington Branch of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC, and through that organization, he met Martin Luther King, Jr. Shortly before King's death, Arline and Randolph moved to Atlanta to leav Central Presbyterian Church, and he formed a partnership between his congregation and King's church. He helped found A Fellowship of Concern, a Presbyterian anti-racism organization, as a way to increase the participation of white churchgoers in these efforts.--From Oral Histories of the American South biography.

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