Shelton, Cecil, 1945-


Shelton was born on September 1, 1945 in Gore Springs, Mississippi. After graduating high school in 1965, he attended Grenada's Vocational-Technical Training Night School, as well as numerous state and national AFL-CIO labor schools. During his career at Lyons automotive plant, Shelton became involved in the fledgling labor movement, as well as being active in civil rights marches in Grenada, Mississippi. In 1967, he participated in the organization of Aluminum Workers Local 202 at the plant and in 1968 he was elected secretary-treasurer of the local. Shelton continued to have a long and productive career in the Labor movement through various positions, which include being a member of the Job Development and Training Labor Advisory Council, president of both the North Delta Central Labor Council, and vice-president of the Mississippi AFL-CIO.

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