Scott, Tyree, 1940-2003


A labor leader and activist deeply involved in many minority workers' and equal opportunity organizations. Scott, an electrician, grew up in Texas, moved to Seattle in 1966 and became a leader in the Central Contractors Association. This organization of minority workers led many peaceful demonstrations against discriminatory hiring practices in Seattle's construction industry in the summer and fall of 1969. Through the protests, the issue of discriminatory employment was noted by the American Friends Service Committee. After investigating the situation, the AFSC approached Scott and the leadership of the CCA and proposed a new community-based organization that would organize minority workers to fight discrimination in the unions and in the construction trades. The United Construction Workers Association was founded in 1970 with financial support from the AFSC. Tyree Scott was a founding member and worked intensively within the Association, first as a paid staff member and then later as a director. -- Finding aid, Tyree Scott papers. University of Washington Libraries. Manuscripts, Special Collections, University Archives.

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