Randall, Herbert, 1936-


"In the spring of 1964, Herbert Eugene Randall, Jr., a talented young African and Native American photographer, had been awarded the John Hay Whitney Fellowship for Creative Photography. Using this fellowship, Randall was to spend a year photographically documenting contemporary Negro life. Shortly after receiving the fellowship, he met Sanford Rose "Sandy" Leigh, a Field Secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and director of the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project in Hattiesburg. Upon their meeting, Leigh suggested that Randall use his fellowship to photograph Freedom Summer activities in Hattiesburg. Herbert Randall did just that. During the summer of 1964, Randall not only documented the social and political efforts of the Hattiesburg Project, but also vividly depicted the hardships of Negro life in a racially discriminating Mississippi."--Inventory of the Randall (Herbert) Freedom Summer Photographs, University of Southern Mississippi.

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