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Neal, Patricia, 1935-


Patricia Neal moved to Durham, North Carolina, from Connecticut in 1953 to study nursing at Duke University. Shortly thereafter, she married, started a family, and left school to ehlp support her husband while he finished his medical training. Neal and her family settled in Durham, and during the late 1950s and early 1960s she became involved in the Parent-Teacher Association and the League of Women's Voters, and began working as a substitute teacher. In 1964, Neal spent a year monitorming the Durham County Board of Education for the League. Her dissastisfaction with their decisions led her to run for a position on the board as a Republican in 1968. Neal lost the election by a small margin, but was appointed several months later when one of the five seats was vacated. After serving nearly eighteen years on the board, and as the chair for five, Neal was appointed to the North Carolina Board of Directors of the North Carolina Board of Education Association.--From Oral Histories of the American South biography.

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