Murray, Pauli, 1910-1985


Pauli Murray was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910; after the death of her parents, she lived with an aunt in Durham, North Carolina. She attended Hunter College in New York, City before returning to North Carolina in 1930. She was denied admittance to the University of North Carolina in 1938 and in 1940 was arrested with a friend for violating segregation statues in Petersburg, Virginia. She worked for the Workers Defense League and later attended Howard University on a full scholarship. After her graduation, she continued her education at the University of California, Berkeley and worked briefly as the Deputy Attorney General of California before joining a New York law firm. She helped set up a law school in Ghana in the 1960s and upon her return to the United States worked as a law professor at Brandeis University. She also served on the Civil and Political Rights committee of the President's Commission on the Status of Women and with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In 1973 she left Brandeis and entered the Seminary and earned a master's degree of divinity from Yale in 1976. After her ordination in the Episcopal church in 1977, she served in churches in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and Baltimore until her retirement in 1984.--From Oral Histories of the American South biography.

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