McShane, James J. P. (James Joseph Patrick), 1909-1968


James J. P. McShane was born on March 17, 1909, in New York City. He attended Public School #5 in Manhatten through the eighth grade. On November 12, 1936, he was appointed to the New York City Police Department. He served on the department for 20 years, receiving fifteen citations for outstanding police work, including the department's Medal of Honor. From June 1957 until September of 1959, he was employed as an investigator for the Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field ("Rackets Committee"). When the Committee's work ended in 1959, McShane went to work for Senator Estes Kefauver's Senate Anti-Trust and Monopoly Sub-Committee which was probing into professional boxing. In July 1960, McShane resigned from the committee and went to work for Senator John F. Kennedy in the senator's Presidential campaign. After the campaign, McShane returned to the Kefauver Committee. From:

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