McDougle, Linda Wilson


"Linda Wilson McDougle was born in Burlington, North Carolina, where she grew up on a farm with her parents and three sisters. In 1962, she graduated from her all-black high school at the top of her class and graduated in 1966 from North Carolina Central University. After graduating, she began work as an earth science teacher at a predominantly all-white school called Jackson Junior High School, which is now known as Jackson Middle School. In 1970, she earned a masters degree in education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and two years later was promoted to assistant principal at Jackson Junior High School. In 1980, McDougle became the principal of Dudley Senior High School. She retired as the Associate Superintendent of Guilford County Schools." --From Greensboro VOICES Biography, "McDougle, Linda Wilson" accessed 9 October 2008,

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