Jowers, Loyd, d. 2000


"...the King estate filed a wrongful death suit against Loyd Jowers, who had been the owner and operator of Jim's Grill, near the Lorraine Motel, the site of the assassination. The suit asked for only $100 in damages, but its larger purpose was to enter into the public record testimony from Jowers that would reveal a conspiracy around Martin's assassination. Over the years Jowers had told journalists that his restaurant had been a staging area for the assassination and that the assassin was not Ray, although some experts doubted the veracity of his claims. Jowers's statements were entered into the record via two depositions, in which he asserted that Ray did not shoot Martin Luther King Jr. and that there had been a conspiracy surrounding the murder. He did not, however, name any of the other conspirators. King herself took the witness stand, as did a number of other civil rights movement participants. Jowers did not appear in person during the trial, but based on his deposition testimony, a jury convicted him of involvement in a conspiracy, which led the U.S. Justice Department to undertake a limited examination of the new evidence that this trial brought forward." ("Coretta Scott King," New Georgia Encyclopedia. Retrieved April 10, 2008:

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