Holsaert, Faith S.


Faith Holsaert was born in Greenwich Village, New York in 1943 and grew up in an interracial household headed by two women, one Jewish, and one Black. While at the High School of Music and Art, Holsaert began to work with the Harlem Brotherhood Group and the National Conference of Christians and Jews. She met Charles McDew and Diane Nash at NCCJ summer camp. During Christmas break 1961, Holsaert spent one week in jail for her participation in a sit-in in the South. Holseart then worked in a voter registration project in Albany and in Terrell County, Georgia and was of the few white female SNCC field workers prior to the 1964 summer. After returning to Barnard College, Holsaert worked for New York Friends of SNCC through the spring of 1966.

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