Guzman, Jessie Parkhurst, 1898-


Jessie Parkhurst Guzman was born in Savannah, Georgia on December 1, 1898 and attended college at Howard University. Following her graduation in 1919, Guzman went on to study at Columbia University, University of Chicago and American University. After a year of teaching history at New Orleans College, Guzman took a position as a research assistant at Tuskegee Institute where she worked for over thirty-five years. In 1940 she married Ignacio L. Guzman, a colleague at Tuskegee. Throughout her tenure at Tuskegee, Guzman penned numerous articles that appeared in academic journals such as theJournal of Negro History and garnered several awards. She was an active organizer in the civil rights movement and served as assistant secretary of Southern Conference Educational Fund.

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