Goodman, Jill Wakeman


Jill Wakeman Goodman was born in Coldwater, Michigan, to William Hall Wakeman and Ruth Kitchel Wakeman. Goodman became involved in civil rights activities in 1963...Her early involvement dealt with such issues as housing and job discrimination, and school integration. In June 1966, Rev. Bob Beech spoke in Ms. Goodman's church, and asked for volunteers to go to Mississippi that summer to participate in the Delta Ministry Project of the National Council of Churches. After hearing Rev. Beech, she "...felt a tremendous need to answer his call." As a result, she spent much of the summer of 1966 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she was assigned to the Eaton Precinct in the city's Eastern sector. Her work consisted largely of canvassing and polling of the area's African American residents regarding voter registration; problems with job discrimination; and financial, educational, and housing needs...Since her activities in Mississippi, Ms. Goodman has enjoyed an active and varied career, serving as a congressional aid in Washington, D. C.; a county campaign manager in Senator Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign; a Planned Parenthood counselor; and a legal assistant in her husband's law firm. Her community involvement includes work with Samaritan House and Christian Action Call Line (CALL), both of which are community-based organizations dealing with problems of the homeless, young people, the elderly, and families in need of assistance. In addition, she is involved in the Conference on Religion, Race, and Social Concern for San Mateo County, and at least two organizations affiliated with the Presbyterian Church."--Inventory of the Goodman (Jill Wakeman) Civil Rights Collection, University of Southern Mississippi.

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