Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965


"Son of Leopold and Emma (Winter) F.; brought to U.S., 1894; A.B., College City of N.Y., 1902; LL.B., Harvard, 1906, D.C.L., U. of Oxford, 1939; LL.D., Amherst, 1940; Coll. City N.Y., 1947, U. Chgo., 1953; Brandeis Univ., 1956, Harvard, 1956, Yale, 1961; married Marion A. Denman, Dec. 20, 1919. Assistant U.S. atty., Southern District of N.Y., 1906-10; law officer, Bureau of Insular Affairs, War Dept., 1911-14; prof. Harvard Law Sch., 1914-39; George Eastman visiting prof., Oxford U., 1933-34. Maj. and judge adv. O.R.C. U.S. Army; asst. to the Sec. of War, sec. and counsel to the Presidentís Mediation Commn., asst. to the Sec. of Labor, 1917-18; chmn. War Labor Policies Board, 1918; declined Governor Elyís nomination to Mass. Supreme Judicial Court, June 1932. Nominated asso. justice of Supreme Court of U.S. by Pres. Roosevelt Jan. 5, 1939; confirmed by Senate, Jan. 17, took office Jan. 30, 1939; ret. 1962. Hon. Master of Bench, Grayís Inn, London, 1952. Author: The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1927; The Bus. of the Supreme Court (with James M. Landis), 1928; The Labor Injunction (with Nathan Greene), 1930; The Public and its Government, 1930; The Commerce Clause Under Marshall, Taney and Waite, 1937; Mr. Justice Holmes and the Supreme Court, 1939. Editor: Cases under the Interstate Commerce Act, 1915, 2d edit. 1922; Criminal Justice in Cleveland (with Roscoe Pound), 1922; Mr. Justice Holmes, 1931; Cases on Federal Jurisdiction (with Wilber G. Katz), 1931; Cases on Administrative Law (with J. Forrester Davison), 1931; Mr. Justice Brandeis, 1932; Cases on Federal Jurisdiction (with Harry Shulman), 1937; Of Law and Men, 1956; Felix Frankfurter Reminisces, 1960. Address: Supreme Court of the United States, Washington"--Who's who.

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