Farmer, James, 1920-


"Founder Congress of Racial Equality (Congress of Racial Equality), 1942, national chairman, 1942-44, 50, national director, 1961-66; race relations secretary Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1941-45; organizer Upholsterer's International Union North America, 1945-47; lecturer race and labor problems, 1948-50; student field secretary League Industrial Democracy, 1950-54; international rep. State, County and Municipal Employees Union, 1954-59; program director National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1959-61; leader Congress of Racial Equality Freedom Ride, 1961; president Center for Community Action Education, from 1965; assistant secretary for administration Department of Health, 1969-70; president Council on Minority Planning and Strategy, 1973-76; executive director Coalition of Am. Pub. Employees, 1977-82; professor am. studies, history Mary Washington College"--Who's Who. James L. Farmer was arrested on 25 May 1961 in Jackson, Mississippi for his participation in the Freedom Rides. (Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission)

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