English, Diane, 1957-


Diane English spent her early childhood in rural Union County, North Carolina, where she was isolated from white racism. When English was a young child, her family moved to urban Charlotte, where she was confronted by the realities of racial segregation. Discrimination, coupled with her need to contribute financially to her family's household, led English to drop out from Second Ward High School. After a brief stint in Washington, D.C., English returned to charlotte where she worked as a pipe fitter for Duke Power's Catawba Nuclear Plant. She left her employment with Duke Power and took a position with the Charlotte Area Transit System. In 1999, she organized a Neighborhood Crime Watch and appealed for assistance to the Charlotte City Council. She later organized Belmont residents to cooprate with city officials to design a plan to protect the interests of homeowners in her community in the face of gentrification.--From Oral Histories of the American South biography.

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