Dabbs, James McBride, 1896-1970


Born in 1896 in Maysville, South Carolina, James McBride Dabbs became one of his state's leading advocates for social justice and civil rights. Dabbs grew up on a 10,000 acre plantation and attended college at University of South Carolina, Clark University and, later, Columbia University. Upon the completion of college, Dabbs taught English at Coker College where he remained for nearly twenty years. He took up the civil rights cause in the mid 1940s when he began writing about segregation and racial injustice in southern culture. Dabbs later served as president of the Southern Regional Council from 1957 until 1963, during which time he endorsed a petition requesting executive clemency from President Kennedy for imprisoned civil rights activist, Carl Braden. His wife, Edith Mitchell Dabbs, was also active in the Civil Rights movement.

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