Cooper, Owen, 1908-1986


"Cooper was born on a farm near Vicksburg, Mississippi. He attended Culkin Academy in Vicksburg, and received a degree in Agriculture from Mississippi State College. Cooper then went on to teach school in Leland, Mississippi for five years. After serving as Alumni Secretary at Mississippi State, he went on to earn a Masters Degree in Economics and Political Science. In 1918, Cooper left his position as Assistant Director of the State Planning Commission and joined the Mississippi Farm Bureau. His new position led to the beginning of a successful career at Mississippi Chemical Company. Cooper was also very active in civil rights affairs in Mississippi. One of these activities involved working with Dr. W.P. Davis and the Committee of Concern, which had the role of obtaining funds to repair churches burnt during the civil rights disturbances."--Oral history with Mr. Owen Cooper, 1972, University of Southern Mississippi.

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