Collier, Clinton, 1909-


"Reverend Clinton Collier was born August 24, 1910 in rural Neshoba County to John Collier and Lena Stribling Collier. After completing the eighth grade, which was as high as black schools taught at that time, Rev. Collier went to Tougaloo College. His education was interrupted by the Depression. He taught school in rural Mississippi until 1940, then moved to Washington, D.C. where he worked until he was drafted into the Navy in 1942. Reverend Collier served two years in the Navy and following World War II returned to his federal job at Washington, D.C. He moved to Detroit and worked in the automobile industry for several years, then returned to Neshoba County, Mississippi, in 1956. Here Reverend Collier returned to public school teaching and entered the United Methodist ministry. During the late 1950s and the 1960s Reverend Collier was closely associated with leaders of the civil rights movement and was very active on the state and local level. That interest and activism has continued unabated through the years. Rev. Collier is married to the former Loice Gary of Morton, Mississippi. He retired from the ministry in 1985."--Oral history with Reverend Clinton Collier, 1994, University of Southern Mississippi.

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