Cohen, David K., 1934-


OCLC 26 Oct. 2012: "Professor of Education and Social Policy, Michigan State University; author, Teaching for understanding, c1993." [accessed 26 October 2012] " is John Dewey collegiate professor of education and professor of public policy at the University of Michigan. His current research interests focus on education policy, the influence of policy on instruction, and the nature of teaching practice. His past work includes studies of the effects of schooling, school and teaching reform, evaluations of education experiments and intervention programs, and examinations of the relationship between research and policy. Included among his many previous roles are: consultant to the general counsel of the NAACP on schools and race (1964-66); director, Race and Education Project, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (1966-67); professor of education and social policy, Harvard Graduate School of Education (1971-86); and president, The Huron Institute (1971-86). He is an expert on merit pay for teachers, both public and private school choice, and the relationship of student curriculum to teacher professional development."

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