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Clower, Jerry, 1926-


"Clower was born in 1926 at Route Four, Liberty, Mississippi. After graduating from high school, he joined the U.S. Navy. On completion of his service, Clower went on with his education earning a degree in Agronomy from Mississippi State University. In 1954, he became a salesman for Mississippi Chemical Corporation of Yazoo City, Mississippi where he worked for the next seventeen years. Clower was known for his witty anecdotes and humorous personality. In 1971, someone suggested that Clower record some of his stories. After signing a recording contract with Decca Recording Company, his first record climbed to eleventh on Billboard's chart. Since then he has recorded several more albums, made countless personal appearances, and became a regular on the Grand Ole Opry."--Oral history interview with Mr. Jerry Clower, University of Southern Mississippi.

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