Carter, Hodding


"Hodding Carter was born 1935 in New Orleans, Louisiana into a family rooted in journalism. His father, Hodding Carter Sr., was a Pulitzer Prize winner and chief editor and publisher of the Greenville, MS based newspaper, Delta Democrat-Times. In 1959, a few years after Carter graduated from Princeton and completed his service to the U.S. Marine Corps, he returned to Greenville to work for his family's journal. During his eighteen year stint at the paper, Carter was involved in the highly successful presidential campaigns of Lyndon Baynes Johnson and Jimmy Carter. He has served as an anchor and correspondent for numerous political programs for various stations such as ABC, BBC, CBS, and CNN. Currently, he serves as the president, CEO and Trustee of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Akron Roundtable)."--Eyes on the Prize Interviews, biography, Washington University in Saint Louis, retrieved April 25, 2008.

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