Boyd, Richard, 1916-


"Mr. Boyd was born on July 21, 1916 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He graduated from Eureka High School in 1935. After working in the Civilian Conservation Corps for one year, Mr. Boyd then returned to Hattiesburg. He worked for Hattiesburg Compress and Meridian Fertilizer Company briefly before obtaining a job with Hercules, Inc., a chemical plant specializing in timber by-products. Mr. Boyd began work at Hercules, Inc. as a yard laborer in 1941 and by 1962 he became the first African-American at Hercules to work as an operator. He spent his last years at Hercules, Inc., working in the personnel department until he retired in 1977. Mr. Boyd is a Mason, a member and officer of the Forrest County branch of the NAACP, and a lifelong member of the St. Paul United Methodist Church."--Oral history with Mr. Richard Boyd and Mrs. Earline Boyd, 1992.

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