Beim, Lorraine, 1909-1951


OCLC 26 Oct.2012: Author, The burro that had a name, c1939. Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature 26 Oct. 2012 "Beim, Jerrold (1910–1957), and Beim, Lorraine (née Levey; 1909–1951), American Jewish authors of more than fifty books for children, many dealing with significant issues of the day. Their Two Is a Team (1945), a book for young readers portraying a black-white friendship, has been called the first interracial picture book. The authors’ sympathy toward Communism and the Soviet Union is reflected in such books as Igor's Summer: A Story of Our Russian Friends (1943). Lorraine's Triumph Clear (1946) deals with infantile paralysis, and her Sugar and Spice (1947) is one of the few midcentury books to confront the sexism faced by young women. Despite censorship attempts--the matter-of-fact presentation of integration in Jerrold's Swimming Hole (1950) caused the book to be banned in South Carolina--the Beims published socially conscious books until their untimely deaths."

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