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Questions from Macon:

Macon, clip 40681

possible clip date, May 28, 1960: Gentleman speaking from a podium regarding a boycott. "It seems to me that when boycotts break out, that good men and good women can do something about them. They can let that person who is being boycotted know that they're on his side. And I say to you, ladies and gentlemen, that this great question which confronts us today is purely a political, legal question. It has nothing whatsoever to do with morality. It has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. It has nothing whatsoever to do with spirituality. If it had anything to do with those things, if, ladies and gentlemen, segregation became irreligious on May 17, 1954, why wasn't it irreligious the day before?"

man at podium

Macon, clip 43912

African American man standing outside a bus (bus has sign "Detroit Express" and says "Super Scenicruiser" on the side) at a Greyhound station. The clip is silent, but he appears to shrug his shoulders and dance in place a bit.

Man beside bus Man beside bus

Macon, clip 42231

Silent clip of African American men, including attorneys Donald Hollowell and Horace Ward, standing outside United States Post Office and Courthouse building.

Hollowell, Ward, and two other men Four unknown men Unknown man 1 Unknown man 2 Unknown man 3 Unknown man 4

Sound portion of same clip with white man speaking, "This is no longer a question of whether we prefer segregated schools or integrated schools, but rather whether we will have public schools or no schools. I note by the morning paper that the chairman of the state board of education, Mr. George P. Whitman, Jr., now predicts that the Atlanta school suite will be lost."

White man speaking about schools