Indiana Historical Society All Items

1.10 Mile March for Freedom | XML | xhs_inrec_389
2.12th Street Bridge | XML | xhs_inrec_451
3.1911 Location of The Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_139
4.1928 National Convention of Madam C.J. Walker Agents | XML | xhs_mcjw_7
5.1928 National Convention of Mme. C.J. Walker Agents and the Celebration of the Opening of the Walker Building | XML | xhs_mcjw_10
6.1928 National Convention of Mme. C.J. Walker Agents and the Celebration of the Opening of the Walker Building | XML | xhs_mcjw_11
7.The 1956 Championship Team at the Bronze Shoes Trophy Celebration | XML | xhs_inrec_470
8.A&P Picket | XML | xhs_inrec_1
9.Achievement Award Given to Youth Market Place | XML | xhs_inrec_414
10.Adlai E. Stevenson Addressing a Crowd on Monument Circle | XML | xhs_inrec_438
11.Advertisement for Glossine Hair Dressing | XML | xhs_mcjw_24
12.Advertisement for Madam Walker Agents | XML | xhs_mcjw_19
13.Advertisement for Madam Walker Cosmetics | XML | xhs_mcjw_22
14.African Tribal Masks | XML | xhs_inrec_9
15.Afrikan Liberation Day March | XML | xhs_inrec_3
16.Afrikan Liberation Day March | XML | xhs_inrec_6
17.Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church | XML | xhs_inrec_10
18.Allied Beauty Supply All-Stars Champions of Douglas Little League Park | XML | xhs_inrec_371
19.Alpha Home for Aged Colored Women | XML | xhs_inrec_5
20.Alpha Home Ladies Committee Capital Fund Campaign for the Home | XML | xhs_inrec_4
21.Alpha Kappa Mu Sorority, Brotherhood Poster Contest | XML | xhs_inrec_11
22.Andrew J. Brown Visits Bloomington | XML | xhs_inrec_440
23.Andrew Ramsey | XML | xhs_inrec_377
24.Anette Robinson Enjoying Lunch at the Recorder Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_155
25.Arthur Ashe with Collis Marton and Helen Hubbard | XML | xhs_inrec_271
26.Articles of Incorporation for the Walker Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_122
27.Artist Douglas Staten | XML | xhs_inrec_228
28.Astronaut Charles F. Bolden | XML | xhs_inrec_345
29.Astronaut Lt. Col. Guion Steward Bluford, Jr. Signing Autographs | XML | xhs_inrec_302
30.Attorney Henry J. Richardson and Family | XML | xhs_inrec_277
31.Attorney Henry J. Richardson Honored for Service to the Urban League | XML | xhs_inrec_252
32.Attorney Theodore (Ted) Wilson with Muhammad Ali and William Baker | XML | xhs_inrec_256
33.Attucks High School Basketball Team | XML | xhs_inrec_54
34.Attucks High School Cheerleaders | XML | xhs_inrec_41
35.Attucks High School Cheerleaders | XML | xhs_inrec_44
36.Attucks High School Civic Orchestra | XML | xhs_inrec_52
37.Attucks High School Girls Tennis Club | XML | xhs_inrec_45
38.Attucks High School Senior Prom 1948 | XML | xhs_inrec_46
39.Attucks High School Students at Football Game | XML | xhs_inrec_28
40.Attucks High School Students in Science Class | XML | xhs_inrec_50
41.Attucks High School Track Meet | XML | xhs_inrec_60
42.Attucks Junior Red Cross | XML | xhs_inrec_33
43.Attucks Night School Fashion Show | XML | xhs_inrec_32
44.Attucks Varsity Football Team, 1933 | XML | xhs_inrec_14
45.A Back View of Barbara L. Morton's Hairstyle | XML | xhs_mcjw_63
46.Badge from a Walker Convention | XML | xhs_mcjw_143
47.Badge from Walker Convention | XML | xhs_mcjw_144
48.Ballerinas at Porter's Dance School | XML | xhs_inrec_211
49.Barbecue to Celebrate Successful Season for Douglass Little League | XML | xhs_inrec_95
50.Barrington Coffee House at the Fall Creek Y.M.C.A. | XML | xhs_inrec_285
51.Barrington Prize Drawing | XML | xhs_inrec_77
52.Barrington Youth Programs | XML | xhs_inrec_82
53.Basic Diner | XML | xhs_inrec_316
54.Batter Up! | XML | xhs_inrec_375
55.Bean Supper at Bethel AME Church | XML | xhs_inrec_78
56.Big Wheels Club | XML | xhs_inrec_81
57.Bill Garrett | XML | xhs_inrec_476
58.Bill Garrett | XML | xhs_inrec_365
59.Bill Garrett Coaches Crispus Attucks High School Basketball Team to 1959 State Championship | XML | xhs_inrec_458
60.Birthday Party for James Richardson | XML | xhs_inrec_173
61.Blackinizers Club Hosts Christmas Party | XML | xhs_inrec_86
62.Blacks Saluted During Negro History Week | XML | xhs_inrec_158
63.Bob Collins and Jimmy Angelopolus | XML | xhs_inrec_478
64.Booker T. Washington on a Horse | XML | xhs_mcjw_26
65.Boy with His Dog at Riverside Park | XML | xhs_inrec_306
66.Broad Ripple Rockets Celebrate Winning 1983 Basketball Championship | XML | xhs_inrec_266
67.Burning the Mortgage at the Simpson Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_218
68.Businesses on Illinois Street near the Intersection of Ohio Street and Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_80
69.Businesses on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_403
70.Butler University Graduates | XML | xhs_attuckshs_20
71.Camp Atterbury Job Corps Open House | XML | xhs_inrec_23
72.Candidate Attorney Theodore (Ted) Wilson and Political Supporters at a Tea Held at Pearl's Lounge. | XML | xhs_inrec_261
73.Carrier Kite Contestants | XML | xhs_inrec_355
74.Celebration of Greek Independence Day | XML | xhs_inrec_485
75.Chairperson of the National Black Women's Political Leadership Caucus Meets with Members of the Indianapolis Chapter | XML | xhs_inrec_133
76.Charles Preston, Sports Broadcaster | XML | xhs_inrec_468
77.Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and Singer Lou Rawls | XML | xhs_inrec_318
78."Child Curls" | XML | xhs_mcjw_62
79.Children at a Birthday Party | XML | xhs_inrec_235
80.Children Doing Crafts at the Y.W.C.A. | XML | xhs_inrec_265
81.Children Eating Girl Scout Cookies | XML | xhs_inrec_118
82.Children Eating Ice Cream | XML | xhs_inrec_113
83.Children Holding a Valentine | XML | xhs_inrec_244
84.Children in a Snowstorm | XML | xhs_inrec_339
85.Children in a Swimming Pool at the Recorder Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_104
86.Children in Costume at Hispanic Fiesta | XML | xhs_inrec_348
87.Children in Line for Popcorn at the Recorder Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_109
88.Children in the Swimming Pool at the Recorder Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_156
89.Children in Veterans Day Parade | XML | xhs_inrec_311
90.Children Join in Poor Peoples Crusade | XML | xhs_inrec_210
91.Children Make Valentines for St. Paul Home for the Aged | XML | xhs_inrec_251
92.Children Playing in Douglas Park | XML | xhs_inrec_56
93.Children Sledding | XML | xhs_inrec_208
94.Children Sledding | XML | xhs_inrec_310
95.Children Throwing Snowballs | XML | xhs_inrec_214
96.Children Watching Veterans Day Parade | XML | xhs_inrec_289
97.Children's Choir at the Simpson Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_197
98.Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo | XML | xhs_inrec_312
99.Christmas Gathering of the Ritz Bridge Club | XML | xhs_inrec_193
100.Christmas Service Program and Fellowship Hour at the Phillips Temple CME Church | XML | xhs_inrec_199
101.Circuit Court Judge John L. Niblack | XML | xhs_inrec_157
102.City Bus with Satin Tress Advertisement | XML | xhs_mcjw_16
103.Class in Theory | XML | xhs_mcjw_54
104.Classroom at a Beauty College | XML | xhs_mcjw_59
105.Classroom at Crispus Attucks High School | XML | xhs_inrec_19
106.Cleo W. Blackburn and Governor Schricker | XML | xhs_inrec_72
107.Co-Op Store Group | XML | xhs_inrec_404
108.Coalition of 100 Black Women | XML | xhs_inrec_55
109.Collecting Autographs from the Attucks Basketball Team | XML | xhs_inrec_473
110.Collecting Autographs from the Attucks Basketball Team | XML | xhs_inrec_198
111.Community and School Spirit | XML | xhs_inrec_481
112.Company B 2nd Platoon Attucks ROTC Inspection, April 1949 | XML | xhs_inrec_64
113.Congregation of Simpson Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_61
114.Congregation of the Simpson Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_225
115.CORE Pickets Near IPS School 17 | XML | xhs_inrec_92
116.CORE Prayer Vigil for Missing Civil Rights Workers | XML | xhs_inrec_98
117.CORE Ten Mile March for Freedom | XML | xhs_inrec_93
118.Couples Dancing at The College Room | XML | xhs_inrec_466
119.Crispus Attucks 1955 State Champions | XML | xhs_inrec_472
120.Crispus Attucks Class Officers | XML | xhs_inrec_59
121.Crispus Attucks High School A Capella Choir Album | XML | xhs_inrec_30
122.Crispus Attucks High School Administration | XML | xhs_attuckshs_12
123.Crispus Attucks High School Band | XML | xhs_inrec_40
124.Crispus Attucks High School Basketball Fans | XML | xhs_inrec_35
125.Crispus Attucks High School Class | XML | xhs_inrec_20
126.Crispus Attucks high school collection | XML | xhs_attuckshs
127.Crispus Attucks High School Graduating Class of 1930 | XML | xhs_attuckshs_22
128.Crispus Attucks High School Historical Marker | XML | xhs_attuckshs_39
129.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Overview | XML | xhs_attuckshs_33
130.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Student Interview with Alexander Moore | XML | xhs_attuckshs_34
131.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Student Interview with David (Dave) Baker | XML | xhs_attuckshs_35
132.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Teacher Interview with Blanche Ferguson | XML | xhs_attuckshs_25
133.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Teacher Interview with Doris Bradford | XML | xhs_attuckshs_26
134.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Teacher Interview with Former Principal Russell A. Lane | XML | xhs_attuckshs_30
135.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Teacher Interview with Irven Armstrong | XML | xhs_attuckshs_27
136.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Teacher Interview with John Morton-Finney | XML | xhs_attuckshs_29
137.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project Teacher Interview with Ruth Clinthorne | XML | xhs_attuckshs_28
138.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project, Student Interview Form | XML | xhs_attuckshs_32
139.Crispus Attucks High School Social History Project, Teacher Interview Form | XML | xhs_attuckshs_31
140.Crispus Attucks High School Tigers State Champions | XML | xhs_inrec_482
141.Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School | XML | xhs_attuckshs_23
142.Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School | XML | xhs_attuckshs_43
143.Crispus Attucks Museum | XML | xhs_attuckshs_40
144.Crispus Attucks Senior Prom 1948 | XML | xhs_inrec_22
145.Crispus Attucks State Champions | XML | xhs_inrec_471
146.Crowd at Black Expo, 1971 | XML | xhs_inrec_71
147.Crowd at First Indiana Black Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, 1971 | XML | xhs_inrec_463
148.Crowd at Mount Zion Church | XML | xhs_inrec_386
149.Crowd Meets Mary M. Bethune at Plane | XML | xhs_attuckshs_15
150.Darnell Porter Wins Award for Outstanding Carrier | XML | xhs_inrec_352
151.David Baker | XML | xhs_inrec_42
152.Demonstration Against Apartheid in South Africa | XML | xhs_inrec_304
153.Denver Ferguson | XML | xhs_inrec_454
154.Dick Wolfsie and Guests on Night Talk | XML | xhs_inrec_295
155.Dignitaries at the Black Legislative Caucus Reception | XML | xhs_inrec_68
156.Dignitaries Attending Funeral of Lionel F. Artis | XML | xhs_inrec_15
157.Dinah Washington Attends 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Walker Manufacturing Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_35
158.Display of Walker Products | XML | xhs_mcjw_9
159.Douglas Little League All Stars | XML | xhs_inrec_100
160.Douglas Park Little League Team | XML | xhs_inrec_48
161.Douglas Tandy and Sons at the YMCA Father and Son Banquet | XML | xhs_inrec_233
162.Downtown Anderson Job March | XML | xhs_inrec_422
163.Doyle's Restaurant Next to George's Bar | XML | xhs_inrec_43
164.Dr. Frank Johnson and the Gaither Family | XML | xhs_inrec_319
165.Dr. John Morton-Finney | XML | xhs_inrec_370
166.Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Presenting Certificates to Junior Hostesses at the Phyllis Wheatley Branch YMCA, Washington, D.C. | XML | xhs_inrec_130
167.Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune with Walker Staff and Graduates | XML | xhs_mcjw_56
168.Dr. Reuben White Helps Promote Dentistry as a Career | XML | xhs_inrec_132
169.Dr. Russell Adrian Lane, Memorial Program | XML | xhs_attuckshs_24
170.Drake's Market on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_163
171.Dustbowl Honorees | XML | xhs_inrec_205
172.Edward Hub Bailey, Recorder Newspaper Carrier | XML | xhs_inrec_110
173.Eleutherian College, Jefferson County | XML | xhs_inrec_459
174.Eliza Stocks Celebrates Her 100th Birthday | XML | xhs_inrec_236
175.Employee Filling a Milk Can | XML | xhs_inrec_213
176.Employee Pasting a Sports Page of the Newspaper | XML | xhs_inrec_362
177.Employees of the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Shoppe in Kansas City, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_51
178.Employees of The Oasis | XML | xhs_inrec_161
179.Entrance to Crispus Attucks High School | XML | xhs_attuckshs_37
180.Esquire Theater | XML | xhs_inrec_70
181.Eunice Shriver Meets Alesia Thompson | XML | xhs_inrec_187
182.Evansville North Basketball Team, 1967 State Champions | XML | xhs_inrec_201
183.Evening Meal at the Alpha Home | XML | xhs_inrec_7
184.Exterior View of Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_43
185.Exterior View of Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_45
186.F.B. Ransom with 1939 Graduating Class | XML | xhs_mcjw_58
187.F.W. Woolworth Company Donates to United Negro College Fund | XML | xhs_inrec_247
188.Finance Center, U.S. Army Chorus | XML | xhs_inrec_27
189.First Black State Trooper is Honored | XML | xhs_inrec_323
190.First Grade Students at School #42 Depict the First Thanksgiving | XML | xhs_inrec_177
191.Fishing Party | XML | xhs_inrec_237
192.Flanner House Home | XML | xhs_inrec_102
193.Flanner House on West 16th Street | XML | xhs_inrec_53
194.Food Booth at the Recorder Carrier Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_108
195.Food Drive Sponsored by the Indianapolis Affiliate of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's Operation Breadbasket | XML | xhs_inrec_191
196.Four Children Crocheting, Indianapolis School #26 | XML | xhs_attuckshs_14
197.Frank Beckwith Throws His Hat Into Presidential Campaign | XML | xhs_inrec_101
198.Frank Sigamoos Pitches to Dr. Joseph Taylor, Flanner House | XML | xhs_inrec_479
199.Freedom Rally in Indianapolis | XML | xhs_inrec_128
200.Funeral of Lionel F. Artis | XML | xhs_inrec_31
201.Gaither Quintuplets | XML | xhs_inrec_303
202.Gaither Quintuplets are Guests of Honor at the Grand Opening of a McDonald's Restaurant | XML | xhs_inrec_290
203.Gaither Quintuplets at Walt Disney World | XML | xhs_inrec_324
204.Gaither Quintuplets Featured in Ebony Magazine | XML | xhs_inrec_330
205.Gary Roosevelt Basketball Team State Champions 1968 | XML | xhs_inrec_373
206.Gary, Indiana Mayor Richard G. Hatcher Being Interviewed | XML | xhs_inrec_253
207.George McGinnis Versus Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | XML | xhs_inrec_231
208.George White, Printer at the Recorder | XML | xhs_inrec_115
209.George's Bar on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_453
210.Girls at the Recorder Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_117
211.Girls at the Y.W.C.A. | XML | xhs_inrec_268
212."Glorified Maturity" | XML | xhs_mcjw_64
213.GOP Candidates Time Out | XML | xhs_inrec_406
214.Governor Matthew Welsh Addressing the NAACP Freedom Rally | XML | xhs_inrec_137
215.Governor Matthew Welsh Signs Civil Rights Bill | XML | xhs_inrec_442
216.Governor Orr and Mayor Hudnut at the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Indianapolis Zoo | XML | xhs_inrec_301
217.Graduates of the Walker School of Beauty Culture in St. Louis, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_53
218.Graduating Class of Walker Agents Muskogee, Oklahoma | XML | xhs_mcjw_52
219.Grandparents Day 1981 | XML | xhs_inrec_264
220.Ground Breaking for Barnes United Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_336
221.Ground Breaking for Housing Project | XML | xhs_inrec_435
222.Group Ice Skating | XML | xhs_inrec_91
223.Group of Teachers and Administrators | XML | xhs_attuckshs_16
224.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_13
225.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_66
226.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_68
227.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_12
228.Hairstyle Models | XML | xhs_mcjw_65
229.Hank Aaron Signing Autographs | XML | xhs_inrec_292
230.Hardy's Standard Gasoline Station | XML | xhs_inrec_234
231.Having Fun at the Recorder Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_103
232.Hawk and His Pals | XML | xhs_inrec_29
233.Hayden Barber Shop | XML | xhs_inrec_372
234.Henry J. Richardson and Group | XML | xhs_inrec_381
235.Henry J. Richardson, Jr. at Indianapolis Urban League Awards Night, 1971 | XML | xhs_inrec_446
236.Henry J. Richardson, Jr. Receives the Key to the City from Indianapolis Mayor Richard Lugar | XML | xhs_inrec_388
237.Highlighters Band | XML | xhs_inrec_376
238.Holloway Family at Christmas | XML | xhs_inrec_120
239.Holloway Family Decorating Their Christmas Tree | XML | xhs_inrec_123
240.Howard Filmore at the Press | XML | xhs_inrec_357
241.Ice Skater | XML | xhs_inrec_227
242.Ice Skaters | XML | xhs_inrec_90
243.Ice Skating | XML | xhs_inrec_149
244.Ice Skating on Monument Circle | XML | xhs_inrec_291
245.Indiana Avenue Market | XML | xhs_inrec_402
246.Indiana Black Expo at the Indianapolis Convention Center | XML | xhs_inrec_282
247.Indiana Black Expo, 1973 | XML | xhs_inrec_73
248.Indiana Civic Workers Prepare Thanksgiving Baskets | XML | xhs_inrec_122
249.Indiana General Assembly Act HR113 | XML | xhs_attuckshs_1
250.Indiana Senator Birch Bayh | XML | xhs_inrec_447
251.Indianapolis Fire Chief Joseph D. Kimbrew is Sworn In | XML | xhs_inrec_342
252.Indianapolis Police Riot Troops Alerted | XML | xhs_inrec_279
253.Indianapolis Poultry and Fish Market | XML | xhs_inrec_167
254.Indianapolis Power and Light Donation to Opportunities Industrialization Centers, Inc. | XML | xhs_inrec_420
255.Indianapolis Public School #27 National Championship Chess Team | XML | xhs_inrec_287
256.Indianapolis Public School #27 National Championship Chess Team with Awards | XML | xhs_inrec_283
257.Indianapolis Recorder Carrier | XML | xhs_inrec_351
258.Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper Carrier Raymond Stevens | XML | xhs_inrec_111
259.Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper Carriers | XML | xhs_inrec_359
260.Indianapolis Recorder Office on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_69
261.Indianapolis Recorder Victory Progress Edition | XML | xhs_inrec_457
262.Indianapolis School Board Decision to Create Segregated High School | XML | xhs_attuckshs_6
263.Indianapolis School Segregation Map, 1948 | XML | xhs_attuckshs_0
264.Indianapolis Union Station Re-Opens | XML | xhs_inrec_334
265.Indianapolis Washington High School's State Championship Basketball Team, 1969 | XML | xhs_inrec_239
266.Inner City Youth Council with Mayor Lugar | XML | xhs_inrec_407
267.Interior of Drake's Market | XML | xhs_inrec_164
268.Interior of Our Market | XML | xhs_inrec_143
269.Interior of Paris Beauty Salon | XML | xhs_inrec_203
270.Interior of the Monte Grill | XML | xhs_inrec_221
271.Interior View of The Basic Diner | XML | xhs_inrec_294
272.International Doll Tea | XML | xhs_inrec_243
273.IUPUI's Women's Basketball Player vs Kentucky State Women Players | XML | xhs_inrec_450
274.Jack Benny, Eddie Anderson, Phil Harris and Wilbur Shaw at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway | XML | xhs_inrec_75
275.Jackie Robinson | XML | xhs_inrec_456
276.Jackie Robinson at Union Baptist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_176
277.James C. Cummings, Jr. | XML | xhs_inrec_474
278.James Robinson and Family Playing in the Snow | XML | xhs_inrec_215
279.James Weldon Johnson | XML | xhs_mcjw_27
280.A Jar of Brilliantine | XML | xhs_mcjw_17
281.Jazz Musician Jimmy McDaniels | XML | xhs_inrec_331
282.Jazz Musician Phil Ranelin | XML | xhs_inrec_293
283.Jesse Jackson at a Job March in Anderson, Indiana | XML | xhs_inrec_423
284.Joe Slash and Elmer Bennett | XML | xhs_inrec_185
285.Joe Watkins and Kenny Morgan Named Outstanding Young Hoosiers | XML | xhs_inrec_314
286.Joshua E. Spears, Coca-Cola Employee, Compares King Size Carton with Regular Size | XML | xhs_inrec_200
287.Judge Alcee L. Hastings Receives Key to the City | XML | xhs_inrec_436
288.Judge Elmer Mark Jones Named to Attucks Hall of Fame | XML | xhs_inrec_65
289.Judge Henry J. Richardson, Jr. in the Courtroom | XML | xhs_inrec_174
290.Julia Carson Receives Award from NAACP | XML | xhs_inrec_332
291.Kenny Morgan and Sondra Harris at the Grand Opening of Union Station | XML | xhs_inrec_326
292.Kiddie Land Day Care Center Celebrates Thanksgiving | XML | xhs_inrec_329
293.King Mourners Hear the News by Transitor Radio | XML | xhs_inrec_382
294.King of the Wild Frontier, Not So Wild | XML | xhs_inrec_350
295.KKK Leaders Appear on "Night Talk" | XML | xhs_inrec_349
296.Kool Aid Stand at Lockefield Gardens | XML | xhs_inrec_374
297.Ku Klux Klan Cross Burning | XML | xhs_inrec_57
298.Last Minute Check of the Food Baskets Given to Needy Families | XML | xhs_inrec_206
299.Leroy Harrison Working Printing Equipment | XML | xhs_inrec_358
300.Letter from Mme. C.J. Walker to F.B. Ransom, April 14, 1916 | XML | xhs_mcjw_180
301.Letter from Mme. C.J. Walker to F.B. Ransom. April 10, 1916 | XML | xhs_mcjw_185
302.Letter from Mme. Walker to F.B. Ransom, September, 1915 | XML | xhs_mcjw_172
303.Library at School #64 | XML | xhs_inrec_170
304.Linotype Department at the Indianapolis Recorder | XML | xhs_inrec_107
305.Lionel F. Artis Honored as "Most Wanted Man" | XML | xhs_inrec_34
306.Little League Team Gets Their Uniforms | XML | xhs_inrec_79
307.Local NAACP Delegation Off to Washington D.C. | XML | xhs_inrec_385
308.Lockefield Big 10 Market Looted and Burned | XML | xhs_inrec_178
309.Lockefield Garden Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_343
310.Lockefield Gardens Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_366
311.Lockefield Gardens Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_369
312.Lockefield Mothers and Children | XML | xhs_inrec_380
313.Long John's Lounge Baseball Team and Coaches | XML | xhs_inrec_379
314.Louis Armstrong Endorses Book on NAACP | XML | xhs_inrec_13
315.M0399 Madam Walker Collection | XML | xhs_mcjw_188
316.Mad Hatters Breakfast and Fashion Show | XML | xhs_inrec_217
317.Madam C.J. Walker Beauty College in Dallas Texas | XML | xhs_mcjw_47
318.Madam C.J. Walker Junior Senior Prom at the Little Theater in Kansas City, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_50
319.Madam C.J. Walker Orphan at 14 | XML | xhs_mcjw_25
320.Madam C.J. Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower | XML | xhs_mcjw_20
321.Madam Walker at the Dedication of the Senate Avenue YMCA | XML | xhs_mcjw_140
322.Madam Walker at Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_41
323.Madam Walker Cosmetics Display | XML | xhs_mcjw_15
324.Madam Walker Demonstrating a Procedure | XML | xhs_mcjw_146
325.Madam Walker Driving an Automobile | XML | xhs_mcjw_40
326.Madam Walker Giving Combing Demonstration | XML | xhs_mcjw_145
327.Madam Walker on the Porch of Her Business | XML | xhs_mcjw_38
328.Madam Walker Seated in a Pope Waverley Automobile | XML | xhs_mcjw_39
329.Madam Walker's Passport Application | XML | xhs_mcjw_168
330.Madame Walker School Graduating Class, 1953 | XML | xhs_inrec_246
331.Mae Walker Perry | XML | xhs_mcjw_29
332.Management Skills Training Program | XML | xhs_inrec_241
333.Maple Neighborhood Girl Scout Troop #571 Gives Basket to Recorder Charities | XML | xhs_inrec_121
334.Marion County Sheriff with Shotgun | XML | xhs_inrec_272
335.Marion Giants IHSAA State Champions 1986 | XML | xhs_inrec_62
336.Marjorie S. Joyner and Billie Holliday | XML | xhs_mcjw_31
337.Marjorie S. Joyner Styling Hair | XML | xhs_mcjw_32
338.Martin Luther King Greeted at the Airport | XML | xhs_inrec_391
339.Martin Luther King Views Poster | XML | xhs_inrec_392
340.Marvin Johnson Wins Light-Heavy Weight Boxing Championship | XML | xhs_inrec_333
341.Mary Ann Roberts Birthday Celebration | XML | xhs_inrec_188
342.Mary Louise Overstreet | XML | xhs_inrec_146
343.Mattie Coney at Atterbury Luncheon | XML | xhs_inrec_21
344.Maya Angelou at Indiana University | XML | xhs_inrec_25
345.Mayor and City County Council President Bid Farewell to Former Members of Council | XML | xhs_inrec_309
346.Mayor and Group at the Madame Walker Urban Life Center Restoration Project | XML | xhs_inrec_429
347.Mayor and His Wife at Soul Dinner | XML | xhs_inrec_418
348.Mayor Attends Artis Funeral | XML | xhs_inrec_26
349.Mayor Hudnut at UNWA Picnic | XML | xhs_inrec_425
350.Mayor Hudnut with Beatreia Burgess During Youth Day Service | XML | xhs_inrec_428
351.Mayor Hudnut with Hank Aaron | XML | xhs_inrec_430
352.Mayor Hudnut with Police Group | XML | xhs_inrec_437
353.Mayor Hudnut with Recording Star Barry White | XML | xhs_inrec_427
354.Mayor Hudnut with the School #27 Chess Team | XML | xhs_inrec_284
355.Mayor Hudnut with Youcan Toucan | XML | xhs_inrec_421
356.Mayor Lugar at Morrison's Grand Opening | XML | xhs_inrec_417
357.Mayor Richard G. Lugar and the Seal of the Mayor's Office | XML | xhs_inrec_415
358.Mayor Richard Lugar | XML | xhs_inrec_416
359.Mayor Richard Lugar Visits Atterbury Job Corps Center | XML | xhs_inrec_410
360.Mayor William H. Hudnut | XML | xhs_inrec_399
361.Members of Criminal Justice and Business Community Gather to Honor Sheriff Deputy Chief Burnice Head | XML | xhs_inrec_434
362.Members of the Indianapolis-Tuskegee Institute Alumni Club Plan for Regional Convention | XML | xhs_inrec_250
363.Members of the Old Settlers Club Celebrate Their 50th Anniversity | XML | xhs_inrec_159
364.Members of the Social Hour Club and Their Guests Celebrate the Holiday | XML | xhs_inrec_202
365.Members of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Receive News of Pay Increase | XML | xhs_inrec_260
366.Ministers Service on Monument Circle | XML | xhs_inrec_383
367.Miss Skaterina Contest | XML | xhs_inrec_280
368.Mme. C.J. Walker's Liquid Hair Coloring | XML | xhs_mcjw_18
369.Mon-Te Grill | XML | xhs_inrec_38
370.Motorcade for U.S. Vice-President Nixon and Liberian Vice-President Tolbert | XML | xhs_inrec_0
371.Mourners Leaving Ebenezer Baptist Church after Memorial Service for Martin Luther King | XML | xhs_inrec_395
372.Mrs. Abbie Artis Telling A Story to Children | XML | xhs_inrec_183
373.Mrs. Bertha Womack Gives Donation to Womack C.M.E. Church | XML | xhs_inrec_259
374.Mrs. Cecil Stewart of Alpha Home | XML | xhs_inrec_238
375.Mrs. Henry J. Richardson Jr. with a Young Girl | XML | xhs_inrec_175
376.Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. with Sam Jones | XML | xhs_inrec_150
377.Mrs. Pauline Morton-Finney and Mrs. Aletha Lawrence Sew Aprons for Indianapolis Pre-School Centers | XML | xhs_inrec_148
378.Mrs. Richard M. Nixon Receives Flowers Upon Her Arrival in Liberia | XML | xhs_inrec_2
379.Mrs. Wanda Bolton Demonstrating at the Regional Beauty College Convention at Kansas City, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_49
380.Mrs. William Storall and Family | XML | xhs_inrec_230
381.Muncie Central High School Fashion Show | XML | xhs_inrec_194
382.Municipal Court Judge Taylor Baker Sworn in for a Second Term | XML | xhs_inrec_296
383.Music Room at the Annie E. Poth Home, Formerly Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_42
384.N.A.A.C.P. Voter Registration Drive in Maryland | XML | xhs_inrec_245
385.NAACP Freedom Rally | XML | xhs_inrec_387
386.NAACP Voter Registration Campaign | XML | xhs_inrec_136
387.NAACP Year-End Appeal Poster | XML | xhs_inrec_254
388.National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Freedom Rally | XML | xhs_inrec_134
389.National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Freedom Rally in Indianapolis | XML | xhs_inrec_129
390.National Convention of Walker Beauticians at Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_44
391.National Crispus Attucks High School Host Committee and Class Representatives 1985 | XML | xhs_inrec_297
392.NBG Christmas Party | XML | xhs_inrec_138
393.Neapolitans | XML | xhs_inrec_140
394.Negro Company March Drill at the First Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Training Center, Fort Des Moines, Iowa | XML | xhs_inrec_258
395.Neighborhood Crime Watch Group | XML | xhs_inrec_424
396.Neighborhood Takes Action to Stop Drug Selling | XML | xhs_inrec_320
397.New Location Womack Memorial C.M.E. Church | XML | xhs_inrec_257
398.New Members of City County Council Are Sworn In | XML | xhs_inrec_308
399.Northwestern Burger Chef Stars Youth Basketball Team | XML | xhs_inrec_232
400.Northwestern PAL Club Easter Egg Hunt | XML | xhs_inrec_97
401.Nursery at Barrington | XML | xhs_inrec_84
402.Nursery at St. Rita's Catholic Church | XML | xhs_inrec_189
403.Office of Indianapolis Recorder | XML | xhs_inrec_452
404.Office of Madam C. J. Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw_6
405.Officials, Drivers, and Mechanics at the Gold and Glory Sweepstakes Race | XML | xhs_inrec_460
406.Opening Ceremonies for the 10th Pan American Games | XML | xhs_inrec_335
407.Opening of Hook Drugs at 11th Street | XML | xhs_inrec_119
408.Opening of Little League June 7, 1958 | XML | xhs_inrec_83
409.Operation Breadbasket and A&P Grocery Sign Pact | XML | xhs_inrec_192
410.Organ Presentation at Crispus Attucks High School | XML | xhs_inrec_49
411.Oscar Charleston Who Played with the Indianapolis ABCs was Inducted in The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in 1976 | XML | xhs_inrec_462
412.Oscar Robertson Cutting Down Basketball Net | XML | xhs_inrec_47
413.Osma Spurlock | XML | xhs_inrec_441
414.Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church | XML | xhs_inrec_153
415.Our Savior Lutheran Church Congregation | XML | xhs_inrec_152
416.Outstanding Worker for the NAACP 1963 | XML | xhs_inrec_127
417.Parent-Teacher League of Our Savior Lutheran Church | XML | xhs_inrec_160
418.Participants in the 60th Anniversary Gala | XML | xhs_mcjw_142
419.Paynes Meat Market at City Market | XML | xhs_inrec_216
420.People Waiting in Line for Recorder Picnic Tickets | XML | xhs_inrec_106
421.Peoples Temple Sunday School | XML | xhs_inrec_204
422.Percy Julian | XML | xhs_inrec_455
423.Percy L. Julian, Ph.D. | XML | xhs_inrec_439
424.Permanent Wave Demonstration | XML | xhs_mcjw_57
425.Persian Court 24, Daughters of Isis Have Successful Food Drive | XML | xhs_inrec_222
426.Persian Temple Parade | XML | xhs_inrec_224
427.PFC & Mrs. Thomas Brown | XML | xhs_inrec_87
428.Phyllis Wheatley Branch of the Y.W.C.A. | XML | xhs_inrec_270
429.Picketing Riverside Amusement Park | XML | xhs_inrec_445
430.Pie Eating Contest Winners at the Recorder Picnic, 1962 | XML | xhs_inrec_114
431.Planting a Tree at Wes Montgomery Park | XML | xhs_inrec_248
432.Playing Baseball at the PAL Club | XML | xhs_inrec_162
433.Police at Black Panther Headquarters | XML | xhs_inrec_169
434.Police Brutality Protest Meeting at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_212
435.Polks Milk Company Amusement Ride | XML | xhs_inrec_220
436.Poro Beauty Shoppe | XML | xhs_inrec_37
437.Portrait of Barbara Boyd | XML | xhs_inrec_340
438.Portrait of Dr. Woodrow Augustus Myers, Jr. | XML | xhs_inrec_327
439.Portrait of Gene McFadden | XML | xhs_inrec_346
440.Portrait of George P. Stewart | XML | xhs_inrec_116
441.Portrait of Lieutenant Governor Robert Orr | XML | xhs_inrec_139
442.Portrait of Madam C.J. Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw_147
443.Portrait of Marjorie S. Joyner | XML | xhs_mcjw_33
444.Portrait of Mattie Rice Coney | XML | xhs_inrec_94
445.Portrait of Ray Crowe | XML | xhs_inrec_39
446.Portrait of Rev. Mozel Sanders | XML | xhs_inrec_396
447.Portrait of Robert Lee Brokenburr | XML | xhs_inrec_88
448.Portrait of Willard Ransom | XML | xhs_mcjw_34
449.Prayer for the Martin Luther King Jr. Family | XML | xhs_inrec_145
450.President Johnson Meets with Officials of the National Medical Association in the Cabinet Room of the White House | XML | xhs_inrec_131
451.President of the Federation of Associated Clubs Starling W. James | XML | xhs_inrec_51
452.President Reagan Signs Bill Establishing Martin Luther King Day | XML | xhs_inrec_315
453.Press Releases from the First National Convention of Madam Walker Agents | XML | xhs_mcjw_165
454.Principal Priscilla Dean Lewis Principal of Walker Beauty School and Students | XML | xhs_mcjw_55
455.Printing Equipment at The Indianapolis Recorder | XML | xhs_inrec_353
456.Printing Equipment at the Indianapolis Recorder | XML | xhs_inrec_354
457.Program from the 17th National Convention and 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Walker Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_141
458.Protest Against Proposed Colored High School | XML | xhs_attuckshs_5
459.Protest Changes at Attucks and Marshall High Schools | XML | xhs_inrec_341
460.Protest Over Changing Attucks High School to a Junior High | XML | xhs_inrec_337
461.Pupils at School #87 Celebrate a Student's Birthday | XML | xhs_inrec_186
462.Pvt. Dorothy Paul Developing an X-ray | XML | xhs_inrec_255
463.Pvt. Dorothy Paul Developing an X-ray at Camp Atterbury | XML | xhs_inrec_461
464.Racial Slur Written on Willie B. Cornett's Car | XML | xhs_inrec_99
465.Racing Pioneer Summer "Red" Oliver Receives the First Black American Racers Association Award | XML | xhs_inrec_147
466.Ray Crowe | XML | xhs_inrec_475
467.Recorder Booth at Community Fair, November 1949 | XML | xhs_inrec_356
468.Reflection of Painting of Reverend Martin Luther King at Ebenezer Baptist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_464
469.Registering to Vote in Marion County | XML | xhs_inrec_125
470.Retired Sergeant James "Bruiser" Gaines and Captain Anthony Watkins Receive Special Trophy at the Dustbowl Tourney | XML | xhs_inrec_321
471.Rev. Mozel Sanders | XML | xhs_inrec_419
472.Rev. Mozel Sanders with Opportunities Industrialization Center Site Selection Committee | XML | xhs_inrec_426
473.Reverend F. Benjamin Davis, Father Boniface Hardin and Reverend Andrew J. Brown | XML | xhs_inrec_465
474.Reverend Ford Gibson Presents Award to Attorney Henry Richardson, Jr. | XML | xhs_inrec_168
475.Reverend James Jones House | XML | xhs_inrec_135
476.Reverend Jeff G. Johnson and members of Our Savior Lutheran Church | XML | xhs_inrec_142
477.Ribbs Goes Racing with Budweiser Team | XML | xhs_inrec_286
478.Richard Gordon Hatcher | XML | xhs_inrec_444
479.Richard Lugar | XML | xhs_inrec_408
480.Richard Lugar and John Copenhaver | XML | xhs_inrec_412
481.Richard Lugar and John Lands | XML | xhs_inrec_411
482.Richard Lugar Family | XML | xhs_inrec_413
483.Richard Lugar with Group | XML | xhs_inrec_409
484.Richard's Market Participates in the Sanders Food Drive | XML | xhs_inrec_344
485.Robert Brokenburr and Marjorie Joyner | XML | xhs_mcjw_28
486.Robert F. Kennedy and Rosie Grier | XML | xhs_rfkind_2
487.Robert F. Kennedy Announcing Martin Luther King's Death | XML | xhs_inrec_390
488.Robert F. Kennedy Speaking | XML | xhs_rfkind_3
489.Robert F. Kennedy Speaking to a Crowd | XML | xhs_rfkind_4
490.Robert F. Kennedy's Campaign Motorcade | XML | xhs_rfkind_1
491.Robert Miller Family at a Flanner House Home | XML | xhs_inrec_96
492.Robert O. King, Driver of Semi-Truck | XML | xhs_inrec_209
493.Robert T. Lee, Bottle Washer Operator | XML | xhs_inrec_219
494.Runners-Up in the Snu-Pee | XML | xhs_inrec_363
495.Russell A. Lane Portrait | XML | xhs_attuckshs_8
496.Russell Lane Examines Debris | XML | xhs_attuckshs_13
497.Russell Lane with Group | XML | xhs_attuckshs_17
498.S. Henry Bundles at Radio Station WLIB | XML | xhs_mcjw_36
499.Sally Hester, First Woman from Indiana to be Accepted into the Women's Job Corps | XML | xhs_inrec_126
500.Sanctuary Choir Simpson Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_66
501.Santa Claus with Children at Barbwood School | XML | xhs_inrec_305
502.Santa with Children | XML | xhs_inrec_338
503.Satin Tress Hair Products | XML | xhs_mcjw_67
504.School #24 Holds May Day Celebration | XML | xhs_inrec_378
505.School #27 National Championship Chess Team | XML | xhs_inrec_317
506.School #27 National Championship Chess Team | XML | xhs_inrec_322
507.School and Community Mentors | XML | xhs_inrec_469
508.School Children with Jack-o-lantern | XML | xhs_inrec_300
509.Second Christian Church Father and Son Banquet | XML | xhs_inrec_195
510.Segregation at Riverside Park | XML | xhs_inrec_36
511.Services at School #36 for Martin Luther King, Jr. | XML | xhs_inrec_179
512.Shoe Repair Class at Crispus Attucks High School | XML | xhs_inrec_16
513.Shopping at the 7-11 | XML | xhs_inrec_181
514.Shortridge Satans Accept Trophy for Second Place in State Basketball Championship 1968 | XML | xhs_inrec_364
515.Shoveling Snow | XML | xhs_inrec_223
516.Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation Receives Donation | XML | xhs_inrec_171
517.Sickle Cell Anemia Parent Organization Sponsors Fashion Show and Baby Contest | XML | xhs_inrec_182
518.Simpson Methodist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_184
519.Simpson Methodist Church Sunday School | XML | xhs_inrec_67
520.Snu-pees Fine Foods Women's Softball Team | XML | xhs_inrec_367
521.Southern Christian Leadership Conference Operation Breadbasket Thanksgiving Turkey Drive | XML | xhs_inrec_196
522.Special Offer for Walker Cosmetics | XML | xhs_mcjw_23
523.Sports Broadcasters | XML | xhs_inrec_484
524.Spring Is In The Air | XML | xhs_inrec_325
525.Starling Club Annual Spring Frolic | XML | xhs_inrec_240
526.State Basketball Champions | XML | xhs_inrec_477
527.State Senator Julia Carson Talking With Women | XML | xhs_inrec_449
528.Students at Atterbury Job Corps Center Help Clean-Up Neighborhood | XML | xhs_inrec_12
529.Students at School #69 Create Poster for Negro History Week | XML | xhs_inrec_141
530.Suit of the Central Amusement Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_191
531.Supporters Greet Senator Hubert Humphrey at the Airport | XML | xhs_inrec_124
532.Swing Set and Sliding Board at Mt. Zion Baptist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_17
533.Taking a Break from Snow Shoveling | XML | xhs_inrec_226
534.Taylor's Cut Rate Market on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_166
535.Third Officer Doris M. Norrel, Women's Army Auxiliary | XML | xhs_inrec_263
536.Thomas Jefferson (Crispus Attucks) High School Architectural Drawing, Auditorium | XML | xhs_attuckshs_9
537.Thomas Jefferson (Crispus Attucks) High School Architectural Drawing, Cafeteria | XML | xhs_attuckshs_11
538.Thomas Jefferson (Crispus Attucks) High School Architectural Drawing, Front Elevation | XML | xhs_attuckshs_2
539.Thomas Jefferson (Crispus Attucks) High School Architectural Drawing, Lettering Detail | XML | xhs_attuckshs_10
540.Thomas Jefferson (Crispus Attucks) High School Architectural Drawing, Longitudinal and Transverse Sections | XML | xhs_attuckshs_7
541.Thomas Poindexter, First Black Class President of Arlington High School | XML | xhs_inrec_18
542.Three Missing Civil Rights Workers | XML | xhs_inrec_443
543.Thursday Caterie Club Tea Hosts Hat Designer | XML | xhs_inrec_249
544.Toddler Sitting with a Bull Dog | XML | xhs_inrec_207
545.Trustee-Board of Simpson M.E. Church, 1923 | XML | xhs_inrec_190
546.Two Boys Sitting in the Shade Reading | XML | xhs_inrec_105
547.Two Head Coaches -Ray Crowe and Bill Garrett | XML | xhs_inrec_483
548.U.S. Postage Stamp Honoring Madam Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw_148
549.Unique Beauty Salon Owned by Pauline Holder | XML | xhs_mcjw_46
550.United Market Company Meats | XML | xhs_inrec_405
551.United Market Company Meats Store on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_inrec_165
552.Vacation Bible School at Eastern Star Baptist Church | XML | xhs_inrec_467
553.Vice-President Nixon Watches Devil Dance During a Roadside Stop | XML | xhs_inrec_8
554.Victory Progress Edition of the Indianapolis Recorder | XML | xhs_inrec_361
555.View Down Indiana Avenue While Moving the Kuhn House | XML | xhs_inrec_299
556.Violet Reynolds Making a Film about Walker Products | XML | xhs_mcjw_37
557.Volunteers Prepare Plates at Thanksgiving Dinner | XML | xhs_inrec_431
558.Volunteers Preparing Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner for Needy | XML | xhs_inrec_432
559.WACS Are Good Cooks | XML | xhs_inrec_281
560.WACs at Wakeman Hospital Center, Camp Atterbury, Indiana | XML | xhs_inrec_262
561.Walker Beauty Shop in Dallas, Texas | XML | xhs_mcjw_48
562.Walker Building on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_mcjw_192
563.Walker Company Beauty College Christmas Party | XML | xhs_inrec_242
564.Walker Company's Personal Appearance Class at Flanner House | XML | xhs_mcjw_60
565.Walker Graduates in Chicago, Illinois 1936 | XML | xhs_mcjw_61
566.Walker Students Modeling Original Hairstyles Created by Students | XML | xhs_mcjw_14
567.Warranty Deed for Walker Family Property | XML | xhs_mcjw_123
568.Wendell L. Parker, Poet Laureat of the 104th Indiana General Assembly | XML | xhs_inrec_288
569.Wes Montgomery | XML | xhs_inrec_58
570.Wes Montgomery Portrait | XML | xhs_inrec_269
571.Willard Ransom | XML | xhs_inrec_180
572.Willard Ransom and Robert Lee Brokenburr | XML | xhs_inrec_85
573.William G. Mays Talking with Indiana University Business Student | XML | xhs_inrec_328
574.William H. Hudnut, III | XML | xhs_inrec_397
575.William H. Hudnut, III | XML | xhs_inrec_398
576.William H. Hudnutt, III | XML | xhs_inrec_400
577.Williard B. Ransom's Certificate of Employment as a Lobbyist | XML | xhs_mcjw_124
578.Wilma Rudolph | XML | xhs_inrec_267
579.Wilma Rudolph Lights the Flame at the 10th Pan American Games | XML | xhs_inrec_347
580.Wilma Rudolph Signing Autographs | XML | xhs_inrec_172
581.Winners of the Douglass Park Dustbowl Tourney 1966 | XML | xhs_inrec_274
582.Winston Drug Store at North and Senate Streets | XML | xhs_inrec_74
583.Women Assembling Thanksgiving Dinners | XML | xhs_inrec_433
584.Women at the Cosmetics Bar in the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Shoppe | XML | xhs_mcjw_21
585.Women Holding Signs Supporting Indianapolis Public School #56 | XML | xhs_inrec_276
586.Workers in the Newspaper Office | XML | xhs_inrec_360
587.Y's Man Martin Luther King with Trophy | XML | xhs_inrec_394
588.YMCA Group with Martin Luther King | XML | xhs_inrec_393
589.YWCA Arts and Crafts Program at Barrington | XML | xhs_inrec_76