National Archives at Atlanta All Items

1.Civil Case Files, 1938-1995, Records of the District Courts of the United States | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt
2.Diagram of the Bus Showing Where Rosa Parks Was Seated | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_596069
3.Fingerprint Card of Rosa Parks | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_641627
4.Ollie McClung vs. Robert Kennedy, Attorney General | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_279200
5.Police Report on Arrest of Rosa Parks | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_596074
6.Telegram from James Meredith to Robert Ellis, Registrar of the University of Mississippi | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_731721
7.Testimony from Aurelia S. Browder et al. v. W. A. Gayle, et al., No 1147 | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_civilaction1147
8.Testimony from Hamilton E. Holmes, et al. vs. Walter N. Danner, Registrar | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_641654
9.Testimony from Hosea Williams, John Lewis, and Amelia Boynton et al. v. Honorable George C. Wallace, Governor of Alabama et al. | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_lewis
10.W. G. Anderson, Elijah Harris, Slater King, Emanuel Jackson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. v. The City of Albany, Asa D. Kelley, Jr., Mayor the City of Albany, et al. | XML | narase_usdistrictcourt_2612100