Emory University, Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library All Items

1.Advertisement copy: "An Appeal for Human Rights," signed by students of six Atlanta Universities, 9 March 1960 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-010
2.Brochure: "A Time to Speak," Mississippians for Public Education, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-002
3.Constitution, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, 29 April 1962 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-059
4.Copy of a letter urging repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act, October 1943 | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-100
5.Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases Project at Emory University | XML | geusc_eccsp
6.Letter from Earl J. Christenberry, secretary to Senator Huey Long, to Mary and Mildred Hicks, 30 April 1934 | XML | geusc_swh_hicks-0496-010
7.Letter from Eleanor Copenhaver of the National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners to Mary Barker, 28 September, 1932 | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-060
8.Letter from Eliza Paschall to Danny Mitchell and Jim Foreman, 14 February 1962 | XML | geusc_swh_paschall-0532-038
9.Letter from Frances Pauley of the Georgia Council on Human Relations to Governor Herman Talmadge, 8 June 1954 | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-003
10.Letter from Frances Pauley, director of the Georgia Council on Human Relations, to Governor Carl S. Sanders, 26 July 1965 | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-009
11.Letter from Fred Curry to Connie Curry, Southern Project, 15 February 1960 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-014
12.Letter from Mary and Mildred Hicks to Earl J. Christenberry, secretary to Senator Huey Long, 4 May 1934 | XML | geusc_swh_hicks-0496-011
13.Letter from Mary Raoul Millis to the Executive Secretary, National Socialist Party, 26 September 1932 | XML | geusc_swh_raoul-0548-007
14.Letter from Mrs. Robert J. Phillips President of the League of Women Voters to Mrs. Frances F. Pauley, June 12, 1959 | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-007
15.Letter from Muriel Ferris, League of Women Voters, to Mrs. William C. Pauley, 4 April 1956 | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-006
16.Letter from Todd Gitlin, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), to Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC), 7 May 1964 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-024
17.Letter, Mary Raoul Millis to Frank Manning, National Socialist Party, 18 February 1930 | XML | geusc_swh_raoul-0548-006
18.Meeting memo: "Suggestions for non-Southern Student actions--from August SNCC meeting," undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-050
19.Memo from Anne Braden to the Southern Students Organizing Committee: "Relationship to SNCC," 17 April 1964 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-031
20.Minutes for the meeting of Presidents of Southern States held in Atlanta, Georgia on 27-28 July 1954 by the League of Women Voters. Minutes dated 18 August, 1954 | XML | geusc_swh_paschall-0532-004
21.Online manuscript resources in Southern women's history | XML | geusc_swh
22.Pamphlet: "Build a Greater Georgia," Georgia Council on Human Relations, undated | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-015
23.Pamphlet: "Face the Facts," Rome Council, Georgia Council on Human Relations, undated | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-017
24.Pamphlet: "Genocide in Mississippi," published by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-053
25.Pamphlet: "Hands--Outstretched, Hands--Clasped," Georgia Council on Human Relations, undated | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-013
26.Pamphlet: "Southern Student Organizing Committee," Nashville, Tennessee, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-044
27.Pamphlet: "Student Involvement: A New Politics for a New South," Southern Student Organizing Committee, Atlanta, Georgia, 1964 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-042
28.Pamphlet: "Unhealthy Roots of Our Prejudice About the Negro," Elta C. Roberts, Southern Regional Council, undated | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-073
29.Pamphlet: "We've Come a Long Way," Georgia Council on Human Relations, undated | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-019
30.Petition: "Marchers for Jobs and Freedom," Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Atlanta, Georgia, ca. 1962 | XML | geusc_swh_paschall-0532-039
31.Photo of billboard, "Their Tomorrow Depends on You Today," Mississippians for Public Education, 1964 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-016
32.Photo,"Thomas E. Gilmore, Greene Co., Alabama, worked for SCLC-AFSC," undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-005
33.Poster: "We Want Public Schools," Help Our Public Education, undated | XML | geusc_swh_pauley-0659-001
34.Printed matter, "Join the Fight Against Poverty," Poor People's Corporation, Jackson, Mississippi, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-062
35.Printed matter, "We Shall Overcome. Register--Vote," Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-058
36.Printed matter, "Work-Study Project," COFO, Jackson, Mississippi, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-008
37.Printed matter: "Freedom Registration," COFO, Jackson, Mississippi, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-066
38.Printed matter: "It Seems Queer: A Southern Veteran Speaks," undated | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-070
39.Printed matter: "Mississippi Student Union," COFO, Jackson, Mississippi, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-051
40.Printed matter: "Mississippi: Subversion of the Right to Vote," undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-065
41.Printed matter: "Power and Racism," by Stokely Carmichael | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-057
42.Printed matter: "Resolution," National Democratic Party of Alabama, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-004
43.Printed matter: "Soul Force," April - May 1972 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-061
44.Printed matter: "Soul Force," September - October 1972 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-060
45.Printed matter: "The New South Student," Vol. 3, No. 2, February 1966 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-023
46.Printed matter: "The Southern Frontier" volume III, no. 3, March, 1942 | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-105
47.Printed matter: "The Southern Patriot," volume 6 no. 10, December 1948 | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-101
48.Printed matter: "This is SNCC," Spring 1961 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-017
49.Printed matter: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) Brochure, August 1963 | XML | geusc_swh_paschall-0532-040
50.Prospectus of the Southern Student Organizing Committee, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-046
51.Protest on behalf of Southern women against lynching, undated | XML | geusc_swh_barker-0528-059
52.Report: "The NSA Southern Project looks at SSOC," M. Hayes Mizell, Southern Student Human Relations Project, 20 December 1964 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-035
53.Statement, "Statement of Goals and Programming: SSOC, Spring Conference 1965," Southern Students Organizing Committee, 1965 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-040
54.Statement: "Interracial Statement," Southern Region, National Student YWCA, 9 June 1960 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-027
55.Statement: "Statement from the General Cabinet of the Student Christian Association," Vanderbilt University, undated | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-015
56.Statement: "We'll Take Our Stand," Southern students from predominantly white colleges and communities, 4 April 1964 | XML | geusc_swh_curry-0818-029