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1.About James Haskins (with bibliography) | XML | fug_flaac_aa00000562
2.African American collections | XML | fug_flaac
3.Black student admissions (npa2916) | XML | fug_flaac_uf00079452
4.Black student recruitment at the University of Florida (npa4201) | XML | fug_flaac_uf00079453
5.Diaries of a Prolific Professor : Undergraduate Research from the James Haskins Manuscript CollectionUndergraduate research from the James Haskins manuscript collection | XML | fug_flaac_aa00007589
6.Florida Union Forums Committee Poster: Godfrey Amachree and The New Africa - 1964 | XML | fug_flaac_uf00018742
7.Funeral Record for Graham , Jack | XML | fug_flaac_uf00038459
8.James Haskins and The Cotton Club (npa5303) | XML | fug_flaac_uf00079650
9.Martin Luther King Birthday (npa1901) | XML | fug_flaac_uf00079674
10.Martin Luther King, Jr. legacy (npa2807) | XML | fug_flaac_npa2807
11.Poster for a Black America Series lecture at the J. Wayne Reitz Union on the University of Florida campus | XML | fug_flaac_uf00017875
12.A poster for a Black America Series lecture at the University of Florida | XML | fug_flaac_uf00017876
13.Recruiting black students (npa0205) | XML | fug_flaac_uf00079745
14.Rosa Parks: Interview 1 | XML | fug_flaac_aa00016708
15.Rosa Parks: Interview 2 | XML | fug_flaac_aa00017118
16.Rosa Parks: Interview 6 | XML | fug_flaac_aa00020119
17.Selected images of the Lincoln High School protest in Gainesville, Florida | XML | fug_flaac_uf00094637