Carnegie Museum of Art All Items

1.Agnes Street and Shirley Holmes (Allen) seated on table holding war bond campaign materials, with large bell, poster advertising "The First Annual Double V Water Beauty Pageant..." and boy standing in doorway in background | XML | cma_thap_18271
2.Alberta Jordan Reaves protesting in front of Isaly's carrying sign reading: "Isaly's Discriminate Against Negroes By Refusing To Hire Them As Counter Clerks" | XML | cma_thap_19659
3.Alberta Jordan Reaves protesting in front of Isaly's, carrying sign reading "Isaly's discriminate against Negroes by refusing to hire them as counter clerks" | XML | cma_thap_5223
4.Boy holding sign "Give to all, all at once, jobs" and standing in front of Civic Arena | XML | cma_thap_13515
5.Byrd Brown, Reverend Jimmy Joe Robinson, and Mike Desmond leading protest march, with photographer Coles, police chief William Mugsy Moore, man in hardhat, and man standing on van in background | XML | cma_thap_19562
6.Children crossing street with adults holding placards protesting lack of crossing guard, including one sign reading "Mr. Burrel did not keep his word" | XML | cma_thap_7527
7.CORE sponsored protest outside Civic Arena, with four picketers carrying placards with portraits, and protesters in background | XML | cma_thap_7518
8.CORE sponsored protest outside Civic Arena, with picketers carrying placards with portraits and slogans reading "We Shall Not Be Moved," "Too Many Murders," "Freedom Now" and "Don't Vote Hate" | XML | cma_thap_7515
9.CORE sponsored protest outside Civic Arena, with picketers carrying placards with portraits and slogans reading "We Shall Not Be Moved," "Too Many Murders," "Freedom Now" and "Don't Vote Hate," another scene | XML | cma_thap_7516
10.CORE sponsored protest outside Civic Arena, with picketers carrying placards with portraits and slogans reading "We Shall Not Be Moved," "Too Many Murders," "Freedom Now" and "Don't Vote Hate," another scene | XML | cma_thap_7517
11.Crowd gathered on sidewalk, perhaps for parade, in front of Careathers Stationery and Book shop and H. R. Scott Drugs, 2201 Wylie Avenue | XML | cma_thap_13517
12.Crowd of people and police walking into entrance of Point State Park, with Hallmark Cards, Avis, Meyhorn's Coffee Shop and First Federal of Pittsburgh in background | XML | cma_thap_19596
13.Crowd of people at the entrance of Point State Park, with priests, ministers, and nuns among crowd, and Hilton Hotel in Background | XML | cma_thap_19592
14.Crowd of people in Point State Park, with Hilton Hotel in background | XML | cma_thap_19593
15.Crowd of people standing in Point State Park, with nuns and priests throughout crowd | XML | cma_thap_19598
16.Crowd of people standing in Point State Park, with nuns throughout crowd | XML | cma_thap_19597
17.Crowd of people walking towards entrance to Point State Park, with Thrift Drugs, Kappels Jewelers, and First Federal of Pittsburgh in background | XML | cma_thap_19601
18.Crowd, including Greta Richardson fourth from the right, holding signs "Andy Jackson need not have died" and "Detour, Speedway closed for lack of lights and police protection," blocking traffic in street | XML | cma_thap_13518
19.Demonstrators in front of Anthony Payne's Honey Dew Cafe with sandwich boards reading "The Non-buying campaign against the Duquesne Brewing Company is over, Thanks" | XML | cma_thap_13227
20.Documenting Our Past: The Teenie Harris Archive Project | XML | cma_thap_thap
21.Documenting our past: The Teenie Harris Archive Project | XML | cma_thap
22.Domestic interior containing dresser with mirror covered in newspaper, and bare light bulbs hanging from peeling ceiling | XML | cma_thap_14393
23.Double exposure: Group of protesters holding signs reading "Braddock and Rankin, We Earn Our Pay, Let's Keep It That Way" and"Congress, Your Acts Have Axed Us"; and another protest scene, with priest | XML | cma_thap_7572
24.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at a press conference at the University of Pittsburgh with Charles Harris seated to the left of Dr. King, and Matthew Moore and Byrd Brown on right | XML | cma_thap_7114
25.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at press conference at the University of Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_7115
26.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on small stage addressing crowd of men | XML | cma_thap_7116
27.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., press conference at University of Pittsburgh, with Loren Mann in background | XML | cma_thap_5221
28.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shaking hands with man, possibly Jim McCoy, with Mike Desmond on his right, surrounded by men and women, including Charles Harris and Matt Moore | XML | cma_thap_10286
29.Elderly woman carrying sign reading "We protest discriminatory seniority units at U.S. Steel" leading picketers against segregation at U.S. Steel in front of Union Trust building downtown | XML | cma_thap_10283
30.Eleven women posed in domestic interior, five kneeling in front holding posters sponsored by the Pittsburgh Courier for Double V Campaign depicting a soldier aiming a gun at the view with the words Line up | XML | cma_thap_18233
31.Empty lot with crumbling stone retaining wall, dilapidated wooden fence, and row houses with diagonal wooden siding | XML | cma_thap_9794
32.Eunice Cook on left wearing hat and jacket with studded collar and cuffs, and another woman holding book titled "Women United Souvenir Yearbook Sixteenth Anniversary, National Council of Negro Women, Inc.," seated on love seat in interior | XML | cma_thap_29158
33.Ewari (Ed) Ellis, Nate Smith, Harvey Adams, possibly Richard Caliguiri, at ribbon cutting ceremony, with crowd in background | XML | cma_thap_19612
34.Exterior view of United States Steel building, with men protesting, including one wearing placard that reads, "We Protest Discriminatory Seniority Units at US Steel," with three women and two men looking on | XML | cma_thap_24840
35.Father Donald McIlvane, another priest, and group of men and women protesting on sidewalk in front of Rittle Rosfeld Insurance and Real Estate Company, 810 North Avenue | XML | cma_thap_7506
36.Four children gathered around memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., surrounded by flowers | XML | cma_thap_7119
37.Group of children protesting on a North Side hillside, holding signs reading "Don't take our school," "We want our small children to remain close to home," in background a billboard reading "Columbus Elementary School Board of Public Education Pittsburgh," and a Jendoco Construction Company sign | XML | cma_thap_13181
38.Group of men gathered around a sign reading "Police.. We need your protection... not your harassment, Garfield Teen Organization," on a residential street | XML | cma_thap_13163
39.Group of men, including police officers and one man holding protest sign reading "End Racial Discrimination," outside of Western Penitentiary | XML | cma_thap_4299
40.Group of protesters outside Civic Building with signs reading "Housing authority, you must be fair to your community," and "Housing authority [board] don't you trust your legal administrative staff" | XML | cma_thap_13161
41.Group of protesters outside of U.S. Steel building, including Byrd Brown with sign reading "NAACP PGH Branch," and Judge Henry Smith with sign reading "US Steel still has segregated facilities in 1966" | XML | cma_thap_13159
42.Group of protesters with signs reading "Down with Tokenism," "We protest discriminatory seniority units at US Steel" and "McKeesport UNPC," in front of Union Trust building, including James McCoy, Matthew Moore, Sr., Vince Matthews, Dr. Charles Greenlee, Rev. Donald McIlvaine, Charles Kendall, Charles Michaels, Mike Desmond, and Byrd Brown | XML | cma_thap_10400
43.Group of protesters, including Dr. Harrison in the middle, Nathaniel Daniels in doorway, and Alberta Jordan Reaves in background, outside Isaly's with signs reading "Isaly's will not hire Negro counter clerks," and "Isaly's discriminate against Negroes" | XML | cma_thap_13160
44.Group of school children crossing the street with two women protesting, holding signs, one reads "For 8 years there hasn't been a guard at this [corner], Why?" | XML | cma_thap_13193
45.Group portrait in gymnasium of schoolchildren, some wearing badges with names of civil rights heros, others in uniform with FF insignia, in front of sign on wall "The Negro In America" | XML | cma_thap_490
46.Group portrait of four women, including Lois Weaver Watson seated on right, one in tuxedo and top hat, and woman in center holding two Vs, flanked by two men in fezzes and tails, in Harris Studio, for Double V campaign | XML | cma_thap_7867
47.Jesse Jackson and civil rights advocates, including Bob Collins, George Simmons, Ewari [Ed] Ellis, Luther Sewell, and Clyde Jackson, preparing for press conference | XML | cma_thap_12535
48.Jesse Jackson wearing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., medallion, standing with a woman and two men | XML | cma_thap_16941
49.Jessie Vann holding Philadelphia edition of Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper with headline reading "Ban Jim Crow Army in Germany," in office with two women standing by | XML | cma_thap_10345
50.Julian Bond, politician, at press conference with reporter Eleanor Shano | XML | cma_thap_7133
51.Justice Thurgood Marshall speaking from podium in Wesley Center A.M.E. Zion church with men and women seated behind him, including Bishop Charles Foggie on left | XML | cma_thap_12536
52.Large crowd of protesters gathered at Centre Avenue and Crawford Street near the Civic Arena, with Connelley Trade School in background | XML | cma_thap_19579
53.Large crowd of protesters, including man on crutches, marching through downtown Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_19580
54.Large crowd on Wylie Avenue outside Central Baptist Church with banner reading "Hear Rev. Martin Luther King Sunday Morning August 31st...Cornell E. Talley, D.D., pastor" | XML | cma_thap_7118
55.Large crowd standing in front of man, possibly K. Leroy Irvis, speaking into microphones, with minister and four men standing in background, and camera man on right | XML | cma_thap_19590
56.Large group of protesters downtown with signs reading "Fight poverty, not Hanoi," "SAV-CAP in the Hill," and "LBJ where's your support?" | XML | cma_thap_13164
57.Large group of protesters marching past US Steel building through downtown Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_19581
58.Larry Jackson or Anderson, Harvey Adams, Jesse Jackson, Clyde Jackson, and Robert Lavelle placing hands together | XML | cma_thap_7869
59.Long line of protesters walking during snowfall carrying placards that read, "We Protest Kutchman's Appointment," with Kay's Furniture and Areford Brother's Real Estate, street no. 62 in background | XML | cma_thap_19551
60.Male and female students from Chatham College picketing Woolworth's, protesting discrimination at lunch counters | XML | cma_thap_7488
61.Man and two women examining documents at desk with large NEED [Negro Educational Emergency Drive] sign, another version | XML | cma_thap_22518
62.Man and woman examining documents at desk with large NEED [Negro Educational Emergency Drive] sign | XML | cma_thap_22515
63.Man and woman protesting outside of Woolworth's carrying sign reading "Students protest Woolworth's Racial Discrimination," possibly in East Liberty | XML | cma_thap_25875
64.Man protesting non-union labor in front of Freeman cleaners, street no. 7353, located between Ruth's Restaurant and Loar's Barber Shop | XML | cma_thap_19020
65.Man protesting non-union labor in front of Freeman cleaners, street no. 7353, located between Ruth's Restaurant and Loar's Barber Shop, another version | XML | cma_thap_19026
66.Man wearing suit and arm band reading, "Let's March," marching on street in downtown Pittsburgh, with protesters in background | XML | cma_thap_19586
67.Marchers demonstrating for International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination on street at Landleiss Street intersection | XML | cma_thap_13288
68.Matthew Moore and woman from Baptist Ministers Conference and UNPC protesting unfair employment practices on Sixth Avenue, Downtown | XML | cma_thap_13551
69.Members of the Black Panthers marching on street, with banner showing fist breaking chains inscribed "Blood" | XML | cma_thap_13455
70.Members of the Greater Pittsburgh Improvement League and NAACP, including Judge Henry Smith to the right wearing a trench coat, and Louis "Hop" Kendrick, gathered in and around a truck parked outside of the Civic Arena with large sign reading "Wake up Negroes, Democrats allow these conditions to exist" | XML | cma_thap_13223
71.Men and women gathered in Pittsburgh City Council Chambers, protesting housing conditions in Hill District, with signs reading "Better Homes or Bigger Cemeteries," "From G.I. Latrines to Hill District out houses," and "From G.I. foxholes to Hill District rat holes" | XML | cma_thap_7482
72.Men and women gathered outside Economart Market with broken windows, Rendezvous Shine Parlor, and Hogan and Mary's Bar-B-Q, with fire hoses in street, after riot | XML | cma_thap_13454
73.Men and women gathered outside with sign "UNPC Registration Drive" | XML | cma_thap_13548
74.Men and women including Harold Hayes second from left, C. DeLores Tucker, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with Duane Darkins and Reverend LeRoy Patrick, on right, at an NAACP Women's Auxiliary event at the William Pitt Union | XML | cma_thap_7124
75.Men and women picketing in front of grocery store with signs that read, "Seek Honor, You'll Not Find That Here, Keep Moving" | XML | cma_thap_19684
76.Men and women protesting in front of Pittsburgh Board of Education building in Oakland, carrying signs reading "P.T.E.A. for Open Schools," and "Let Us Teach" | XML | cma_thap_7350
77.Men and women protesting in front of William S. Moorehead Federal Building, with signs that read, "Less Talk, More Jobs For Negroes" | XML | cma_thap_19685
78.Men and women protesting outside of Woolworth's, including one woman holding sign reading "It's cricket to picket against racial discrimination" | XML | cma_thap_7503
79.Men and women protesting with signs "To Heaven with Mrs. Amos" and "We don't like rats either" outside Pittsburgh Board of Education building, Oakland | XML | cma_thap_13547
80.Men and women protesting with signs reading "Join the fight against segregation, join the fight for human rights," and "Make Woolworth serve everyone everywhere" outside Woolworth's, Downtown | XML | cma_thap_7848
81.Men and women walking on sidewalk in protest, including man holding American flag and sign inscribed "...Says NO to Racist Wallace" and another sign inscribed "N.A.A.C.P. Against Bigotry and Wallace" outside of Harp & Crown and Penn-Sheraton Hotel | XML | cma_thap_32352
82.Men and women, including Bishop Charles Foggie, possibly with Marion Jordan, protesting for civil rights, with signs outside Woolworth's department store, downtown | XML | cma_thap_7521
83.Men and women, including Johnny Grice, James McCoy, and Dorothy Williams, protesting in front of A. S. Beck Shoes with sign reading, "We Buy Where We Can Work," Albert's Hosiery store in background | XML | cma_thap_19660
84.Men and women, including musicians, protesting in front of Civic Arena, with picket signs that read, "The Soundness of Our Cause Should Prick Your Conscience" | XML | cma_thap_19687
85.Men and women, including Pauline McClure holding sign reading "Open the schools and let education go on" protesting in front of the Pittsburgh Board of Education building in Oakland | XML | cma_thap_12478
86.Men and workmen picketing outside Allegheny Children's Center, with signs reading "Manchester Citizens Support Dr. C. J. Burks" and "Dr. Muldoc[?] reinstate Dr. Burks" | XML | cma_thap_7495
87.Men holding photographs of slum housing seated around table with picketers protesting housing conditions in Pittsburgh City Council Chambers | XML | cma_thap_7501
88.Men installing sign reading "Police...We need your protection...not your harassment" in residential area | XML | cma_thap_10957
89.Men protesting on sidewalk outside of Shapero's, including two men in center wearing hats and overcoats, some carrying signs reading "Bedfellows make strange politics" and "Wallace & King...", downtown | XML | cma_thap_25789
90.Men protesting on sidewalk with signs reading "Small business prospers when we prosper," and "Don't let what happened in Philadelphia happen in Pittsburgh" | XML | cma_thap_23410
91.Men protesting swimming pool segregation on Grant Street sidewalk with signs reading "We want democracy at Highland Park Pool, Mayor Lawrence, what do you want?" and "We fought together, why can't we swim together" | XML | cma_thap_23412
92.Men protesting with signs reading "United Steel Workers of America taking work from laborers, Unfair to General Labor, Local Union 178 affiliated with AFL CIO" outside Commonwealth Building | XML | cma_thap_7484
93.Men protesting, possibly including Byrd Brown third from left, possibly outside of Woolworth's, carrying sign reading "The Battle for Civil Rights is not only a Negro Problem, but the Concern of all Good Americans" | XML | cma_thap_25876
94.Men walking on sidewalk wearing sandwich boards protesting against Port Authority, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Smirnoff, and Italian Swiss Colony Wines, billboard for Parliament cigarettes in background | XML | cma_thap_7525
95.Men with protest signs reading "City Unfair to Employees" picketing on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_7492
96.Men with protest signs reading "City Unfair to Employees" picketing on Grant Street in downtown Pittsburgh, with billboards in background | XML | cma_thap_7493
97.Men women and children protesting Alabama Governor George Wallace in front the Harp and Crown | XML | cma_thap_17033
98.Men, including James McCoy on right end, and women, outside Freedom House with sign in window "Black Citizens for Democracy Headquarters" protesting George Wallace | XML | cma_thap_13544
99.Men, including Roy S. Lahet, minister of Trinity Lutheran Church second from left, and women, picketing outside Woolworth's protesting discrimination at lunch counters, downtown | XML | cma_thap_7487
100.Mike Desmond, Rev. Jimmy Joe Robinson, Nate Smith, and Byrd Brown, leading protest march, with protesters including Vince Roots Wilson and Dr. Norman Johnson, police, and James Swampman Williams in hardhat, standing on street with St. Benedict the Moor church in background | XML | cma_thap_19560
101.Minister and two boys carrying crucifix and picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leading march down sidewalk in front of Connelley Vocational School | XML | cma_thap_7117
102.NAACP group, including women and boys, marching on Fifth Avenue in front of Beck's Shoe Store and Candy - Rama, holding signs reading "Don't patronize Fifth Avenue Shoe Stores" | XML | cma_thap_10301
103.NAACP Protesters in front of shoe store with signs about "Help Mr. K. in Washington, Hurt Mr. K in Moscow" | XML | cma_thap_13526
104.NAACP Protesters, including Mary Gloucester in foreground, holding signs reading "Old Man Tokenism..." and "Don't Buy Here" picketing Sears, Roebuck and Company | XML | cma_thap_7500
105.NAACP sponsored group of five protesters outside of Sears department store, with signs reading "Down with Tokenism" and "Equal Job Opportunities for All" | XML | cma_thap_7538
106.One woman and three men standing in front of voting place, with sign in background reading, "We Need a Leader in Harrisburg, Vote Democratic, For Governor George M. Leader" | XML | cma_thap_19445
107.People protesting in front of Commonwealth Savings and Loan building, 700 Grant Street, carrying signs, one reads "This is God's country, slum lords make it hell" | XML | cma_thap_13228
108.Picketers carrying NAACP protest signs marching outside United Mine Safety Appliance Company | XML | cma_thap_10278
109.Picketers from Local 1397 on strike in front of US Steel Homestead Steel Works | XML | cma_thap_7845
110.Picketers outside of the Penn Sheraton Hotel protesting Alabama Governor George Wallace's visit to Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_17018
111.Picketers outside Wilkinsburg Police Department with signs advocating John F. Kennedy memorial statue | XML | cma_thap_7513
112.Picketing against segregation at U. S. Steel Building on Grant Street, opposite Union Trust Building in downtown Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_5222
113.Police in riot gear lined up downtown near Washington Plaza | XML | cma_thap_7537
114.Portrait of man making v sign with fingers, standing outside office with World War II posters, possibly for Double V campaign | XML | cma_thap_6934
115.Protest against slum housing outside Commonwealth Savings and Loan Association, with sign reading "We're in this fight together: NAACP, Urban League, CASH" | XML | cma_thap_7505
116.Protest march with women and men holding signs for equal rights, heading toward downtown Pittsburgh, with church in background | XML | cma_thap_5106
117.Protest outside Commonwealth Savings and Loan Bank, with picketers holding signs protesting slum housing, including one reading "Myer says yes, Edward says no, Why?" | XML | cma_thap_7504
118.Protest outside George A. Jones and Sons Real Estate office, one woman with sign reading "Up with South Side, Down with Slum Housing," and another with sign reading "We hate to tell you this George but you have bad... housing, the Green Phantom" | XML | cma_thap_7507
119.Protest outside Giant Eagle Market, one man with sign reading "Business Today Housing Tomorrow" and police officers in background | XML | cma_thap_7508
120.Protesters from NAACP outside Mine Safety Appliance Company on Braddock Avenue with signs protesting employment discrimination | XML | cma_thap_13552
121.Protesters holding placards that read, "We Protest Kutchman's Appointment," with building, street no. 62, in background | XML | cma_thap_19615
122.Protesters in Downtown with American flag, armbands reading "Let's March," and a sign reading "This company is helping Khrushchev bury America, it's employment pattern is discriminatory, NAACP" | XML | cma_thap_13195
123.Protesters in front of A & P Food Stores wearing sandwich boards that read, "Don't Buy at A & P Until They Hire Negro Cashiers" | XML | cma_thap_19662
124.Protesters including Baptist Temple Reverend J. A. Williams and woman with sandwich board reading "Protest - racial discrimination in employment breeds poverty, poverty breeds communism, this company has a discriminatory employment pattern, NAACP youth council" | XML | cma_thap_13192
125.Protesters including Johnny Grice, Dorothy K. Williams, and James McCoy, outside of Jarman shoe store with NAACP signs reading "Don't patronize Fifth Avenue Shoe Store" | XML | cma_thap_10282
126.Protesters including Mal Goode, picketing outside Civic Arena carrying signs such as "Why No Jobs, We Pay Taxes Too," Lee & Sons Electric Wiring car parked beside them | XML | cma_thap_17774
127.Protesters inside courthouse carrying placards that read, "We Protest Kutchman's Appointment," with Clerk of County Courts, Civil Defense, and Air Raid Shelter signs in background | XML | cma_thap_19602
128.Protesters marching against racism and Wallace, one man holding an American flag, in front of Washington Plaza | XML | cma_thap_13556
129.Protesters marching down Centre Avenue near the Civic Arena and Chatham Center, with WIIC-TV Channel 11 car in foreground | XML | cma_thap_19566
130.Protesters marching down Fifth Avenue in front of Warner Theater, Beck's Shoes, and McCrory's | XML | cma_thap_13525
131.Protesters marching down Liberty Avenue past Federal Building and Continental Trailways bus station, with billboard Murovich for Sheriff Allegheny County | XML | cma_thap_19582
132.Protesters marching in front Pittsburgh Board of Education Building on Bellefield Avenue | XML | cma_thap_19604
133.Protesters marching in front Pittsburgh Board of Education Building on Bellefield Avenue, one with placard reading "Citizens Committee Says Negro Teachers Want Upgrading NOW!" | XML | cma_thap_19606
134.Protesters marching in front Pittsburgh Board of Education Building on Bellefield Avenue, one with placard reading "Citizens Committee Says NOW!" | XML | cma_thap_19605
135.Protesters marching in front two story house, with placards reading "Slum Lords are Done For" | XML | cma_thap_19589
136.Protesters marching on Grant Street in front of US Steel building, with signs reading "We Protest Segregated Facilities in USS Steel Corp" | XML | cma_thap_19584
137.Protesters marching through intersections at Fifth Avenue and Craig Street in Oakland | XML | cma_thap_19583
138.Protesters outside [Quality] Shoes, with man holding sign reading "Youth division NAACP Help Mr. K in Wash. DC, Hurt Mr. K in Moscow, Don't buy Jim Crow practices" | XML | cma_thap_13189
139.Protesters outside Barry Goldwater campaign office, holding sign reading "Go to the Dogs with Goldwater," and dog with Goldwater sign around its neck and rump | XML | cma_thap_17075
140.Protesters outside Barry Goldwater campaign office, one man holding sign reading "Let's Stamp out Peace with Goldwater" | XML | cma_thap_17031
141.Protesters outside Barry Goldwater campaign office, one man holding sign reading "Let's Stamp out Peace with Goldwater," another man walking dog with Goldwater sign around its neck | XML | cma_thap_17027
142.Protesters outside Barry Goldwater campaign office, one man holding sign reading "Let's Stamp out Peace with Goldwater," another man walking dog with Goldwater sign around its neck, another version | XML | cma_thap_17030
143.Protesters picketing in front of Isaly's, with signs that read, "Don't Buy At Isaly's Until They Hire Negro Counter Clerks" | XML | cma_thap_19683
144.Protesters tossing symbolic coffin into river, with posters attached reading For Immediate Action...Keep Your Community Program Alive, Write Your Congressman Now | XML | cma_thap_19603
145.Protesters wearing "Let's March" arm bands marching in front of building, street no. 435, in downtown Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_19587
146.Protesters with sandwich boards reading "This Store Unfair to Farm Workers" outside Kentucky Fried Chicken on the Boulevard of the Allies | XML | cma_thap_7522
147.Protesters with sandwich boards reading "This Store Unfair to Farmworkers" and "United Farmworkers Support PAT Drivers" outside Kentucky Fried Chicken | XML | cma_thap_7523
148.Protesters with signs reading "Citizens Commitee Says Negro Teachers Want Upgrading Now" and "Doctor Marland Says Wait 4 Years, We Say do It Now" outside Pittsburgh Board of Education building | XML | cma_thap_492
149.Protesters with signs reading "Segregation Never, NAACP" and "Bigots Must Go, Baptist Ministerial Conference," outside Sheraton Hotel | XML | cma_thap_483
150.Protesters with signs reading "Unlock the Doors and Open the Schools" and "Let Education Go On" outside the Pittsburgh Board of Education building | XML | cma_thap_489
151.Protesters, including Bill Powell, James McCoy, Mal Goode, and Byrd Brown, and band, with placards reading: "Job opportunities for us too"; "We just want our God-given rights"; "The soundness of our cause should prick your conscience" outside Civic Arena | XML | cma_thap_12479
152.Protesters, including Judge Henry Smith and Byrd Brown, marching outside Woolworth's carrying NAACP posters protesting lunch counter segregation, with Matthew Moore, Mal Goode, and Bishop Foggie in background | XML | cma_thap_10279
153.Protesters, including Nate Smith and Reverend Jimmy Joe Robinson with flaming torches protesting against slum landlords outside duplex in Homewood Brushton | XML | cma_thap_13554
154.Protesters, including priest, with sandwich boards reading "Colonel Sanders Unfair to Farm Workers" outside Kentucky Fried Chicken | XML | cma_thap_7524
155.Protesters, including Reverend Donald McIlvane, Reverend LeRoy Patrick, and Bishop Charles Foggie, marching in front of North Avenue Savings and Loan, street no. 812, Rittle Rosfeld Co. and Schwinn Bicycle | XML | cma_thap_19573
156.Protesters, including Reverend Jimmy Joe Robinson, Mugsy Moore and Bishop Charles Foggie, marching across the street from Wiemer Tire Company, with sign painted on building reading "North Avenue Savings & Loan Across the Street" | XML | cma_thap_19588
157.Protesters, including Robert Lavelle and Judge Henry Smith in center, wearing and carrying small banners reading "Let's March," marching on street in downtown Pittsburgh | XML | cma_thap_19585
158.Ralph Abernathy standing at podium in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall with Rev. LeRoy Patrick in background | XML | cma_thap_25882
159.Residential street with protesters on sidewalk and Thompson's Electric Co. van with large loudspeakers mounted on top, and policemen in foreground | XML | cma_thap_7549
160.Rev. Jimmy Joe Robinson preparing to lead protest march, with Bill Powell, Mike Desmond, men in hard hats, and others carrying flags with wreath wrapped around fist motif, with St. Benedict the Moor church in background | XML | cma_thap_19564
161.Reverend Charles Foggie presenting plaque inscribed Radio Station "WAMO...Presented by National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" to man wearing striped necktie, with Marion Jordan looking on, at Wesley Center A.M.E. Zion Church | XML | cma_thap_21658
162.Reverend Cornell Talley, shaking hands with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at podium of Central Baptist Church | XML | cma_thap_17734
163.Safe and snake plant on platform in corner, with signs inscribed "The Crippled Children" "Don't Forget To Help We Need You!" "We Need Your Help, The Crippled Children and the N.A.A.C.P. This Safe Will Not Open Until Dec.? 1956, Witness by the Checker Club Crippled Children of the N.A.A.C.P. Opening Day Will be Posted" | XML | cma_thap_30817
164.Sala Udin (Sam Howze) wearing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., medallion and S.C.L.C. button, seated next to Ralph Abernathy, with women in the background | XML | cma_thap_17000
165.Six women and one man protesting outside of Wightman Manor Convalescent and Nursing Home | XML | cma_thap_21845
166.Small crowd gathering on street in public housing community, with cars with campaign posters on side and bull horns on top | XML | cma_thap_19591
167.Small group of protesters in residential street with signs reading "Dope Means Death" and "If We Must Die, Let Us Die Nobily [sic]" | XML | cma_thap_7556
168.Soho Tire workers on strike, picketing with signs that read, "We Want Soho Board To Bargain In Good Faith And Arbitrate Our Wage Issue, Local 230, G.C.E.O.C. - C.I.O." | XML | cma_thap_19667
169.Soldiers or National Guardsmen with rifles lined up beside St. Benedict the Moor Church | XML | cma_thap_13184
170.Three men and three women, including State Senator Jim Ferlo, protesting Port Authority Transit on Grant Street in Downtown Pittsburgh, with streetcar in the background | XML | cma_thap_20897
171.Three men, including Charles Kindle on left, and two women, protesting in front of Civic Arena with signs reading, "Let's All Have A Fair Share, Jobs" | XML | cma_thap_19686
172.Trailways lunch counter sit-in | XML | cma_thap_trailways
173.Two girls and a boy holding poster inscribed "Pennsylvania's Negroes Moving Ahead, 3R's with award from 1962 Historama Original Art Junior Division" | XML | cma_thap_2496
174.Two men protesting beer companies, possibly including Bill Robinson wearing sign "Duquesne is back and we've got it," "The non-buying campaign against Duquesne is over" and Tommy Butler wearing sign "We do not sell Iron City Beer here because..." | XML | cma_thap_12508
175.Two men protesting in front of Kroger's Grocery Store, holding signs reading "Please! Do Not Patronize Kroger's...we want rights by buying right" | XML | cma_thap_5380
176.Two men, one holding baby, and two women, one standing with child protesting with sign that reads "Stop Police Brutality" and "Prisons Big Business at Prisoner's Expense" | XML | cma_thap_19646
177.Two men, with Canada Lee on right, holding up fingers in Double V sign, in room with bent wood chairs | XML | cma_thap_17566
178.Two women and three men in an office with "1958-59 Uptown Teenage Basketball Association" poster and broadside for "Jackie Robinson Civil Rights NAACP" | XML | cma_thap_13523
179.Two women and three men working in an office with signs on back wall reading "Time to score for civil rights, give - join NAACP" and "1958 Uptown teenage basketball association 1959" | XML | cma_thap_19572
180.Two women manning a booth for the Triple V [vim, vigor, and vitality] campaign, with women and girls surrounding them | XML | cma_thap_13217
181.Two women sitting at desk with stacks of paper and photographs in office, with the letters NEED taped on curtains in background, with box of papers on right | XML | cma_thap_24527
182.Two women wearing signs reading "Employees on strike for better wages and working conditions, hotel & restaurant employees alliance local 237" protesting in front of brick building with coffee shop sign and taxi cab stand | XML | cma_thap_45037
183.Union picketer from Teamsters' Local 944 outside V. Stone Fruit Market next to Shupink's Jewelry, with man wearing apron adjusting produce display in background | XML | cma_thap_7510
184.UNPC (United Negro Protest Committee) demonstration against apartheid with men, women and nun carrying placards, on residential sidewalk | XML | cma_thap_12474
185.Vincent Wilson protesting in front of Courthouse with placard reading "Where is justice for the Negro--Heard gets 9 to 18 mos. white--McBeth goes free" | XML | cma_thap_13538
186.Vincent Wilson protesting in front of Courthouse with placard reading "Where is justice for the Negro--Heard gets 9 to 18 mos. white--McBeth goes free," with man and briefcase in background | XML | cma_thap_19616
187.Wilkinsburg Sanitation Department workers picketing for higher wages and benefits in street | XML | cma_thap_13559
188.Woman and Matthew Moore, Sr. standing on stairs of church with six flags inscribed "National," "Association," "For Advancement of," "Colored," "People," "1959" | XML | cma_thap_30863
189.Woman and two men looking at Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper with headline inscribed "Firm Has 5 Negroes on 1,500-Man Force" in office interior with 1962 calendar on wall in background | XML | cma_thap_43186
190.Woman feeding bottle to baby, standing in bedroom, and holding protest sign reading "Do your children live like this in Squirrel Hill? We are still human not animal" | XML | cma_thap_7483
191.Woman protesting in front of the Wilkinsburg Municipal Building, carrying sign with image of Kennedy reading "We ask council to remember the man" | XML | cma_thap_23447
192.Woman protesting in snow wearing sandwich board reading, "Restaurant Workers in Kaufmann's On Strike" | XML | cma_thap_19672
193.Woman wearing sandwich board reading "Unfair AFL CIO Laundry and Dry Cleaning..." protesting on sidewalk in front of Trower's Cleaners on Frankstown Avenue | XML | cma_thap_23944
194.Woman with costumed child in front of sign reading "Achievements of the Negro" in front of a curtain | XML | cma_thap_7499
195.Women and men holding up protest signs against prison conditions, including one reading "Striking for Humane Treatment," walking along train tracks under bridge | XML | cma_thap_19392
196.Women and men protesting outside the Mine Safety Appliance building in Homewood, holding U.N.P.C. signs including one reading "UNPC wants freedom, justice, equality now!" | XML | cma_thap_5066
197.Women and men protesting prison conditions, some wearing Afros and putting up black power signs, walking on train tracks holding signs, including one reading "Stop the usage of dungeon" | XML | cma_thap_19397
198.Women holding protest sign reading "Decent Prison Wages," and boy, standing on train tracks | XML | cma_thap_19394
199.Women protesting outside Beck Fifth Avenue Shoe Store, holding a sign reading "We buy where we can work" | XML | cma_thap_13226
200.Women protesting outside of Woolworth's carrying signs reading "A protest against this co. policy in the south," "Chatham students protest civil rights violation," and "Chatham students protest Woolworth lunch counter segregation" | XML | cma_thap_25880
201.Workers on strike, picketing in Oakland, with signs that read, "On Strike Hospital Workers Demand An End To Poverty, Local 1199" | XML | cma_thap_19665
202.Young people wearing Afros and carrying protests signs, with one that reads, "If We Must Die Let Us Die Nobily [sic]" | XML | cma_thap_19614