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Tanner, Jack, January 20, 1973

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Creator:Tanner, Jack Edward, 1919-2006
Title:Tanner, Jack, January 20, 1973
Date:1973 Jan. 20

Oral history interview with Jack Tanner of Tacoma, Washington.

TAPE 43 (1st), SIDE A: 0 - 5 Parents migrated to Washington from Indiana and Mississippi in the late 1800's. Family background. Problems his grandmother had in Indianapolis. Father a longshoreman. 5 - 8 Black churches in Tacoma. Social life was limited to church activities. Role of the church. Black social clubs. 8 - 12 Many blacks and other foreigners lived in the central area of Tacoma. Black politicians. Other black officials and government workers. Job opportunities for blacks--most on the waterfront; no professionals. 12 - 14 Education. Well-known blacks from the Tacoma area. 14 - 17 Wife's family came from Mississippi in 1924 or so. Story of them being ordered out of Mississippi. 17 - 21

Black athletes. Entertainment was mostly provided by the church. No fraternal or social organizations. Black musicians and singers. 21 - 25 Some blacks joined unions. Many longshoremen joined the union. He talks about the development of the union movement. Blacks involved in the union. 25 - 30 Many blacks started moving into the area in the late 30's. Black soldiers at Ft. Lewis.

TAPE 43 (1st), SIDE B: 0 - 5 More about black soldiers. More came during the Korean War. GI Bill helped many blacks to go to school. Many middle-class blacks in the Northwest. Many whites did not like the influx of blacks. No outright discrimination but police brutality was not uncommon. 5 - 17 NAACP was fairly active. It was established in Tacoma in 1913. Miscegenation laws. His activities in the NAACP. Involvement in the civil rights movement. Marches. 17 - 27 Talks about his involvement in Indian fishing rights demonstrations. His work as a lawyer--arguing cases before the Supreme Court. 27 - 30 Blacks have not been as active in politics as Indians have. TAPE 44 (2nd), SIDE A: 0 - 3 More about Indian confrontations over fishing rights. He has been involved with this problem since 1964. 3 - 7 Blacks in politics. Black movements. He was state chairman for the Democratic Party in 1967. Friendship with Scoop Jackson. More about his political activities. 7 - 14 His campaign for governor in 1968. His campaign platform. Work with the NAACP made him politically sophisticated. More about friendship with Jackson. Jackson's Politics. 14 - 17 What he would have done had he been elected governor. 17 - 20 Bush Prarie named after a black who travelled with Lewis and Clark. Contact with other ethnic groups was minimal. Black soldiers. 21 - 27 Feelings about living in the Pacific Northwest.

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