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Mr. and Mrs. James Chase, November 2, 1972

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Creator:Chase, James
Creator:Chase, James, Mrs.
Title:Mr. and Mrs. James Chase, November 2, 1972
Date:1972 Nov. 2

Oral history interview with Mr. and Mrs. James Chase of Spokane, Washington.

TAPE 1, SIDE A: 0 - 7 Family background--her father came from Mississippi to Spokane in 1890. He worked as a printer. Her uncle printed The Citizen. Her grandfather established the Calvary Baptist Church in Spokane. Several of her relatives were involved in owning and operating an orchard company. Darryl's Landing on Deer Lake. 7 - 10 More about her father and the newspaper business. He was active in Masonic affairs, also. 10 - 14 Social conditions for blacks during her father's lifetime. Many blacks worked at the railroad station, the hotels, and the Spokane Club, a men's social club. Many had to work two jobs. 14 - 16 Her mother's family came from Maryland. Her grandfather was a barber in Spokane. 16 - 25 Black politicians in the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Chase talks about why he came out to Spokane in 1934--there was more opportunity than in Texas. Change in attitude towards blacks and blacks themselves over the past 10 years. Hotel and restaurant accommodations. 25 - 27 Planning for the conditions of blacks in the city. They would record how they were treated at various places in town. 27 - 30 He owns and operates a body and fender company. Other Negro businesses in town. TAPE 1, SIDE B: 0 - 2 Church work. She was involved with many of the churches in town. 2 - 3 Black organizations in town. Federation of Colored Women's Club. 3 - 8 They do not maintain much contact with relatives. Recollections of famous blacks from Spokane. Touring church singers. 8 - 10 The Seattle Enterprise. The NAACP started in 1918 in Spokane. 10 - 11 Discussion about black Episcopalian colleges in the East. 11 - 19 He talks about his decision to run for City Council in 1969. Spokane is very conservative and he advocated getting Federal aid. Talks about the campaign. He thinks he indirectly helped the City Council to establish the Housing Authority. 19 - 27 More about black businesses in town. The Civil Rights movement has really helped blacks. Discussion about the distinction that many whites make between black pioneers and blacks that have come out more recently. There are many more opportunities for blacks now. 28 - 30 Not many social outlets for blacks in Spokane. Many activities were integrated.

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