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African American daily conditions

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Title:African American daily conditions

Instructional Web site aimed at students from grades six to twelve that includes photographs of daily life for African Americans from the 1940s to the 1950s. These photographs depict typical daily activities of African Americans before the Civil Rights movement gained force. From the segregated schools of the Deep South to the bustling cities of the North, the backdrop of different communities reveals a range of experiences.

Includes a background essay, discussion questions, and alignments to teaching standards.

Major funding for this project is provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Supported in part by a grant from the Open Society Institute.

Grade range: 6-12.

The Civil Rights Digital Library received support from a National Leadership Grant for Libraries awarded to the University of Georgia by the Institute of Museum and Library Services for the aggregation and enhancement of partner metadata.

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Pittsburgh street, church group, cobbler, and waitress ©Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Heinz Family Fund. Postman ©Anderson, LLC. Classroom courtesy of the National Archives. Garden Club ©Corbis.

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