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Alternative title: Appeal to the International Provotariat Calls for: “Provoke! Form anarchist groups! Provos awake! We are losing a world!” Quote from document: “The Provo movement was started in April of last year by a few anarchist students and workers, some of whom had already worked with De Vrije (the Dutch equivalent of FREEDOM)they saw, however, that the methods of the old anarchist movement were too isolated, too small, too stupid. Do not forget that the anarchist movement here is, unlike in England I think, only the remainder of the big movement Holland once possessed. Provo understood that anarchist theory was very relevant to present society and that its impact should, therefore, be, basically, an immediate one. So we wanted to create a movement directed towards what we later called the 'Provotariat', i.e. the conglomeration of all students, artists, beatniks, mods, rockers, and so on, who are already protesting in their own way, but not as yet politically consciousto make them politically conscious was our task.” --Explaining Provo by Martin Lindt, Amsterdam, May 1966. Reprinted from Anarchy 66, 17a Maxwell Road, London, S.W.6, England. Background information: “It's no secret that Holland has the most liberal drug laws in the world, especially when it comes to cannabis. What you may not realize, however, is that these laws were enacted thanks to the efforts of the Dutch Provos. The Provos set the stage for the creation of the Merry Pranksters, Diggers, and Yippies. They were the first to combine non-violence and absurd humor to create social change. They created the first ‘Happenings’ and ‘Be-Ins.’ They were also the first to actively campaign against marijuana prohibition. ... The Provo phenomenon was an outgrowth of the alienation and absurdity of life in the early '60s. It was irresistibly attractive to Dutch youth and seemed like it would travel around the world. However, in only a few short years it disappeared, choked on its own successes. ... By July 1965, Provo had become the national media's top story, mostly due to overreaction by the city administration, who treated the movement as a serious crisis. Even though only a handful of Provos actually existed, due to Provo media manipulation it seemed as though thousands of them were roaming the streets.” (Voeten, T. (1990, January). Dutch Provos. High Times, pp. 32-36, 64-66, 73.)

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