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John Birch Society

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Creator:Students for Responsible Expression
Creator:University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.
Title:John Birch Society

Announces: Films about the John Birch Society in the HUB at 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Quote from document: "You've heard a lot about 'Birchers' come and see what they're really like. This week." Background information: The John Birch Society was "founded in Dec., 1958, by manufacturer Robert Welch and named after John Birch, an American intelligence officer killed by Communists in China (Aug., 1945). The most prominent of the extreme right-wing groups active in the United States, the society was founded to fight subversive Communism within the United States. Its other objectives have included the abolition of the graduated income tax, the repeal of social security legislation, the impeachment of various high government officials, the end to busing for the purpose of school integration, the end to U.S. membership in the United Nations, and the nullification of the treaty that turned over the Panama Canal to Panama. In his book, The Politician, Welch charged to the effect that Dwight D. Eisenhower and John Foster Dulles had actively aided the so-called Communist conspiracy. The society has also contended that an elite international cabal--the U.S. branch of which supposedly includes the Council on Foreign Relations, for many years led by David Rockefeller--is seeking to establish a world tyranny." ( John Birch Society. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. ) Background information: "A new group, Students for Responsible Expression, has been formed at the University of Washington with Craig Rhyne, sophomore in electrical engineering, as chairman. Rhyne said the group was organized to: 1.) Act as a liaison between UW students and the taxpaying community at large. 2.) To assist local authorities and the school administration to properly exercise their duties in contending with revolution-inspired disruptions. Rhyne indicated the group would circulate a petition demanding prompt expulsion of any professor, student, or group demonstrating in such a way as to infringe upon the rights of their fellow students or faculty." ( Liaison Group Formed. (ca. 1970). Northwest News Roundup. ) Note on date: 1973 is penciled on document

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Subjects:Anti-communism--Washington (State)--Seattle | John Birch Society | Students for Responsible Expression (Seattle, Wash.) | United States, Washignton, King County, Seattle, 47.6062095, -122.3320708
Collection:Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
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