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Dove Counterbalance Intelligence Test

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Creator:Adrian Dove
Creator:University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.
Title:Dove Counterbalance Intelligence Test

Alternative title: The Black American IQ Test for Honkies Background information: “It doesn’t take a high IQ to recognize that intelligence tests have a built-in cultural bias that discriminates against black children. Tests designed to measure how logically a child can reason often use concepts foreign to the ghetto: a Harlem child who has never handled money or seen a farm animal, for example, might be asked a question that assumes knowledge of quarters and cows. Adrian Dove, a sociologist and a Negro, for one, knows that black children have their own culture and language that ‘white’ tests don’t take into account. He saw this clearly when he worked with white civic and business leaders after the Watts riots. ‘I was talking Watts language by day,’ he says, ‘and then translating it so the guys in the corporations could understand it at night.’ Dove then designed his own exam, the Dove Counterbalance General Intelligence Test (the ‘Chitling Test’) with 30 multiple-choice questions, ‘as a half-serious idea to show that we’re just not talking the same language.’ The test has appeared in the Negro weekly Jet as well as in white newspapers, but mostly, says the 32-year-old Dove, ‘it has been floating around underground.’” (Taking the Chitling Test. (1968, July 15). Newsweek, 72, 51-52)

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Collection:Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
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