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Hands Off Aaron Dixon

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Creator:Aaron Dixon Defense Fund
Creator:University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.
Title:Hands Off Aaron Dixon

Alternative title: Captain, Seattle Black Panther Party Announces: “Aaron Dixon, Captain of the Seattle Black Panther Party, faces the serious charge of ‘grand larceny by possession,’ which carries a sentence of 10-15 years. If he is convicted, it will be a blow not only to the Black Panther Party and the struggle for black liberation, but to the rights of any and all dissenting individuals and organizations.” Calls for: “All supporters of black liberation and of civil liberties should unite to defeat this attempt by the Seattle authorities to frame up Aaron Dixon.” Quote from document: “I have been victimized today. I have been a victim of the jive court system in this country, especially when it concerns Black people. There is no justice for Black people. Yes, there is law and order in America, as Prosecuting Attorney Shulman so boldly flaunted. But what of justice. I have seen very clearly the racism inherent in the American system, all the way from President Johnson to Judge Dore.” --Aaron Dixon Background information: On December 19, 1968, a Seattle jury acquitted Aaron Dixon of stealing a typewriter. (Crowley, Walt. Rites of Passage: A Memoir of the Sixties in Seattle. Seattle: University of Washington Press. p. 264) Background information: “The most visible local representatives of the nationwide ‘Black Power’ movement, the Seattle Black Panther Party was formed in April 1968 to oppose what members saw as police-initiated violence against black people. Though they were noted for occasionally carrying firearms and for militant, Marxist rhetoric, the Black Panthers also provided many services to the community. In Seattle, they started a free medical clinic, a prison visitation program, a statewide program to test for sickle-cell anemia, a tutoring program for students and a free-breakfast program for poor kids.” ( Black Panther Party, Seattle chapter. (2004, February 09). The Seattle, )

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Subjects:Dixon, Aaron Floyd | Racisim--Washington (State)--Seattle | Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Black Panther Party | Aaron Dixon Defense Fund | United States, Washignton, King County, Seattle, 47.6062095, -122.3320708
Collection:Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
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