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Creator:Christian World Liberation Front
Creator:University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.

Quote from document: The most shocking fact about The War today is that it's not essentially different from The War five thousand years ago. In fact, it is the same War, a planetary Civil War which has changed its location and leadership often, but never its character or its continuity. From the beginning of recorded history, Man has left an unbroken trail of misery, death, decay, and disorder. Is there any hope of breaking out of this endless sequence? Or is the whole ugly, insane and impossible cycle about to be played all over again for the last time? ... the real problem is not political at all, it is spiritual. The apostle John said that "Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer". The problem of war does not begin with generals and diplomats, it begins with you and me. War is not a cruel game imposed by evil politicians upon the innocent and suffering populations - war, brothers, is the corporate fruit of our personal sinsit is the visible manifestation of the invisible vibrations of anger, greed, pride and lust of the whole of mankind, and we are all the guilty victims. Background information: The Christian World Liberation Front (CWLF) was founded by Jack Sparks and members of Campus Crusade for Christ in Berkeley, California as an experiment in radical Christianity.

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Subjects:Christianity--United States | Peace movements--United States | Christian World Liberation Front | United States, Washignton, King County, Seattle, 47.6062095, -122.3320708
Collection:Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
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Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection

Christian World Liberation Front

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