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Stop Work! Stop War!

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Creator:Christian World Liberation Front
Creator:University of Washington Libraries. Special Collections Division.
Title:Stop Work! Stop War!

Quote from document: "Far out slogan! but what does it really do to stop oppression and war in the world? Stop work in this country for a day or two and you've done nothing. The war goes on. Stop work for an extended period and you may stop some war (that which this country is involved in) - and you'll stop some other things as well. ... When people stop work on a massive scale, transportation and distribution of food naturally comes to a halt. ... Who starves first? Poor people and weak people, of course. ... So in order to be for a big work stoppage, we have to be prepared to help feed people. Are you? ... What we really need is a world full of people who care as much about other people as they do about themselves. ... it means that you and I should be treating everyone else as well as we treat ourselves .. You prove man's basic imperfection when you prefer some people over others. Racism is just a visible extension of the preferential behavior ... Only God is perfect. He is the only one who treats everyone absolutely right. ... I see no other way for us to get together and stop preferential treatment and oppression and war until and unless the vast majority of the human race ask Jesus into their lives and listen to his Spirit." Background information: The Christian World Liberation Front (CWLF) was founded by Jack Sparks and members of Campus Crusade for Christ in Berkeley, California as an experiment in radical Christianity. Note on date: 1970 is penciled and stamped on document.

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Subjects:Religion | Christianity--United States | Peace movements--Washington (State)--Seattle | Christian World Liberation Front | United States, Washignton, King County, Seattle, 47.6062095, -122.3320708
Collection:Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
Institution:University of Washington's Libraries
Contributors:University of Washington. Libraries. Special Collections Division
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