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Special sections of the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project

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Title:Special sections of the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project

Comprehensive reports, oral histories, photo collections, and documents about civil rights and labor movements and organizations in the Pacific Northwest including the Seattle Black Panther Party History and Memory Project, Filipino Cannery Unionism Across Three Generations 1930s-1980s, Tyree Scott and the United Construction Workers Association, Seattle's Asian American Movement, Chicano/a Movement in Washington State History Project, United Farm Workers in WA State, Seattle General Strike of 1919 Project, Communism in Washington State History and Memory Project, and The Labor Press Project.

Types:Moving images | Oral histories | Photographs | Maps | Reports | Newspapers | Legal documents
Subjects:Scott, Tyree, 1940-2003 | Uhlman, Wesley C. (Wesley Carl), 1935- | Dixon, Aaron Floyd | Dixon, Elmer | Gossett, Larry | General Strike, Seattle, Wash., 1919 | General strikes--Washington (State)--Seattle | Strikes and lockouts--Washington (State)--Seattle | Strikes and lockouts--Shipbuilding industry--Washington (State)--Seattle | Strikes and lockouts, Sympathetic--Washington (State)--Seattle | Wage-price policy--Washington (State)--Seattle | Metal Trades Council (Seattle, Wash.) | Intervention (Federal government)--Washington (State)--Seattle | Martial law--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police-Community relations--Washington (State)--Seattle | Central Labor Council of Seattle and Vicinity | Communist Party of the United States of America (Wash.) | Communism--Washington (State) | Labor unions and communism--Washington (State) | Nationalism and communism--Washington (State) | Propaganda, Communist--Washington (State) | Press, Labor--Washington (State) | Labor journalism--Washington (State) | Labor literature--Washington (State) | Newspapers--Washington (State) | Agricultural laborers--Washington (State) | United Farm Workers of America | League of United Latin American Citizens | Hispanic Americans--Washington (State) | Hispanic Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State) | Hispanic Americans--Politics and government | Hispanic Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle | Hispanic Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Yakima River Valley | Latin Americans--Washington (State) | Latin Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State) | Latin Americans--Politics and government | Latin Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle | Latin Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Yakima River Valley | Mexican Americans--Washington (State) | Mexican Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State) | Mexican Americans--Politics and government | Mexican Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle | Mexican Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Yakima River Valley | Latin American students--Washington (State)--Seattle | Mexican American students--Washington (State)--Seattle | Hispanic American students--Washington (State)--Seattle | University of Washington | Labor--Washington (State)--Seattle | Employees--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor movement--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor disputes--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor movement--Newspapers | Agricultural laborers--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Cannery Workers and Farm Laborers Union. Local 7 (Seattle, Wash.) | Political activists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Segregation--Washington (State)--Seattle | Segregationists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Segregation in education--Washington (State)--Seattle | School integration--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination in housing--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination in housing--Law and legislation--Washington (State)--Seattle | Covenants (Law)--Washington (State)--Seattle | Covenants--Washington (State)--Seattle | Real covenants--Washington (State)--Seattle | Encumbrances (Law)--Washington (State)--Seattle | Housing policy--Washington (State)--Seattle | Right to housing--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination in public accommodations--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination in restaurants--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination in employment--Washington (State)--Seattle | Hispanic American civic leaders--Washington (State) | Chicano movement--Washington (State) | Hispanic American labor union members--Washington (State) | Mexican American labor union members--Washington (State) | Mexican American women labor union members--Washington (State) | Mexican American women agricultural laborers--Washington (State) | Women agricultural laborers--Washington (State) | Centro de la Raza (Seattle, Wash.) | United Farm Workers Organizing Committee | Vineyard laborers--California | Vineyard laborers--Labor unions--California | Boycotts--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor disputes--California | United Mexican American Students (Seattle, Wash.) | Grape Strike, Calif., 1965-1970 | Yakima River Valley (Wash.) | National Brown Beret Organization | Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlan (University of Washington) | Teatro del Piojo | Concilio for Spanish Speaking | SEAMAR Community Health Centers (Wash.) | KDNA (Radio station : Saint Louis, Mo.) | United Farmworker Cooperative | Filipino Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Americans--Politics and government | Filipino Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Forum (Seattle, Wash.) | Filipino students--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Americans--Newspapers | Japanese--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese--Politics and government | Propaganda, Anti-Japanese--Washington (State)--Seattle | Immigrants--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese--Washington (State)--Seattle | Alien labor--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese Americans--Politics and government | World War, 1939-1945--Japanese Americans | Japanese American Citizens' League. Seattle Chapter | Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945 | Concentration camps--United States | Detention of persons--United States | Reparations for historical injustices--United States | Japanese Americans--Reparations | Resettlement--Washington (State)--Seattle | Chinese Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | Chinese Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Chinese Americans--Politics and government | Interracial marriage--Law and legislation--Washington (State)--Seattle | Interracial marriage--Washington (State)--Seattle | Marriage law--Washington (State)--Seattle | Canned foods industry--Employees--Washington (State)--Seattle | Canned foods industry--Employees--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Cannery workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Cannery workers--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Asian Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | World War, 1939-1945--Asian Americans | Asian Americans--Employment--Washington (State)--Seattle | Asian Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Asian Americans--Politics and government | African Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American civil rights workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American labor union members--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American labor leaders--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American political activists--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American civil leaders--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American social reformers--Washington (State)--Seattle | African Americans--Politics and government | African Americans--Politics and government | Black Panther Party | Black militant organizations--Washington (State)--Seattle | Black nationalism--Washington (State)--Seattle | Black power--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American newspapers--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American communists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Seattle (Wash.)--Politics and government--20th century | Seattle (Wash.)--History--20th century | Yakima River Valley (Wash.)--Politics and government--20th century | Yakima River Valley (Wash.)--History--20th century | Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Civil rights--Washington (State)--Yakima River Valley | Civil rights movements--Washington (State)--Seattle | Civil rights movements--Washington (State)--Yakima River Valley | Discrimination--Washington (State)--Seattle | Discrimination--Washington (State)--Yakima River Valley | Black Student Union (University of Washington) | United Construction Workers Association | Construction workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Construction workers--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Construction workers--Political activity | African American construction workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Race relations | Seattle (Wash.)--Race relations | Yakima River Valley (Wash.)--Race relations | Seattle (Wash.) | King County (Wash.)
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