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Research reports

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Title:Research reports

These in-depth historical essays explore fascinating issues and incidents. Each is fully illustrated with photos and newspaper articles. Graduate and undergraduate students in History and Labor Studies at the University of Washington produced these articles. Contents as of viewing the web site on 9/5/07 consist of: The Chicano Movement in Washington State 1967-2006, Part 1, Political Activism by Oscar Rosales Castaneda; Christian Friends for Racial Equality 1942-1970 by Johanna Phillips; By Right of Discovery: United Indians of All Tribes Retakes Fort Lawton, 1970 by Lossom Allen; United Indians of All Tribes Meets the Press: News Coverage of the 1970 Occupation of Fort Lawton by Karen Smith; American Indian Women's Service League: Raising the Cause of Urban Indians, 1958-71 by Karen Smith; Indian Civil Rights Hearings: U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Comes to Seattle, 1977 by Laurie Johnstonbaugh; Challenging Sexism at City Light: The Electrical Trades Trainee Program by Nicole Grant; The 1920 Anti-Japanese Crusade and Congressional Hearings by Doug Blair; "Pride and Shame": The Museum Exhibit that Helped Launch the Japanese American Redress Movement by Allison Shephard; Battle at Boeing: African Americans and the Campaign for Jobs 1939-1942 by Sarah Miner; The 1965 Freedom Patrols & the Origins of Seattle's Police Accountability Movement by Jennifer Taylor; After Internment: Seattle's Debate Over Japanese Amricans' Right to Return Home by Jennifer Speidel; Seattle's Electrical Workers Minority Caucus: A History by Nicole Grant; Blocking Racial Intermarriage Laws in 1935 and 1937: Seattle's First Civil Rights Coalition by Stefanie Johnson; Susie Revels Cayton: "The Part She Played" by Michelle L. Goshorn; Black Longshoreman: The Frank Jenkins Story by Megan Elston; La Raza Comes to Campus: The New Chicano Contingent and the Grape Boycott at the University of Washington, 1968-69 by Jeremy Simer; Revels Cayton: African American Communist and Labor Activist by Sarah Falconer; Victorio Velasco, Pioneer of Filipino-American Journalism by Erik Luthy; Cannery Workers' and Farm Laborers' Union 1933-39: Their Strength in Unity by Crystal Fresco; The Local 7/Local 37 Story: Filipino American Cannery Unionism in Seattle 1940-1959 by Micah Ellison; The Seattle School Boycott of 1966 by Brooke Clark; Tyree Scott and the United Construction Workers Association by Trevor Griffey; The Black Panther Party in Seattle, 1968-1970 by Kurt Schaefer; Organized Labor and Seattle's African American Community: 1916-1920 by Jon Wright; and Race and Civil Rights in the Washington State Communist Party: the 1930s and the 1940s by Shelley Pinckney.

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Subjects:Cayton, Susie Revels, 1870-1943 | Jenkins, Frank, 1902-1973 | Cayton, Revels, 1907-1995 | Velasco, Victorio A., d. 1968 | Duyungan, Virgil | Simon, Aurelio | Scott, Tyree, 1940-2003 | Uhlman, Wesley C. (Wesley Carl), 1935- | Dixon, Aaron Floyd | Dixon, Elmer | Gossett, Larry | Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | African Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Race relations | Seattle (Wash.)--Race relations | King County (Wash.)--Race relations | Seattle (Wash.)--History--20th century | King County (Wash.)--History--20th century | Seattle (Wash.)--Politics and government--20th century | King County (Wash.)--Politics and government--20th century | Civil rights movements--Washington (State)--Seattle | Civil rights workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | African Americans--Politics and government | Black Panther Party | Black militant organizations--Washington (State)--Seattle | Black nationalism--Washington (State)--Seattle | Black power--Washington (State)--Seattle | African Americans--Politics and government | Segregation--Washington (State)--Seattle | Segregationists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Indians of North America--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Indians of North America--Politics and government | Hispanic Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Hispanic Americans--Politics and government | Latin Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Latin Americans--Politics and government | Filipino Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Americans--Politics and government | Japanese--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese--Politics and government | Social movements--Washington (State)--Seattle | Social justice--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor--Washington (State)--Seattle | Employees--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor movement--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Mexican Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | Agricultural laborers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Vineyard laborers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Boycotts--Washington (State)--Seattle | Christian Friends for Racial Equality | Quakers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Political activity | Christians--Washington (State)--Seattle--Political activity | United Indians of All Tribes Foundation (U.S.) | Fort Lawton (Seattle, Wash.)--Siege, 1970 | Sieges--Washington (State)--Seattle | Fort Lawton (Seattle, Wash.)--Press coverage | Indian women--Washington (State)--Seattle | Indians of North America--Press coverage | United States Commission on Civil Rights | Seattle City Light | Electricians--Washington (State)--Seattle | Electricians--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Women electric industry workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Electric industry workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Electric industry workers--Training of--Washington (State)--Seattle | Women labor union members--Washington (State)--Seattle | Electric utilities--Washington (State)--Seattle | Public utilities--Washington (State)--Seattle | Public utilities--Employees | Public utilities--Employees--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Public utilities--Employees--Training of | Training programs--Washington (State)--Seattle | Employees--Training of--Washington (State)--Seattle | Sexism--Washington (State)--Seattle | Propaganda, Anti-Japanese--Washington (State)--Seattle | Immigrants--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese--Washington (State)--Seattle | Alien labor--Washington (State)--Seattle | Japanese Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | World War, 1939-1945--Japanese Americans | Japanese American Citizens' League. Seattle Chapter | Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945 | Concentration camps--United States | Detention of persons--United States | Reparations for historical injustices--United States | Japanese Americans--Reparations | Aircraft industry--Employees | Aircraft industry--Employees--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Machinists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Machinists--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American labor union members--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American women employees--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American women civil rights workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American women--Washington (State)--Seattle | Boeing Aircraft Company | Aeronautical Workers Union (Seattle, Wash.) | Liability (Law)--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police--Complaints against--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police-Community relations--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police brutality--Washington (State)--Seattle | Police misconduct--Washington (State)--Seattle | Resettlement--Washington (State)--Seattle | International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 46 (Seattle, Wash.) | Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (Seattle, Wash.) | Interracial marriage--Law and legislation--Washington (State)--Seattle | Interracial marriage--Washington (State)--Seattle | Marriage law--Washington (State)--Seattle | International Longshore and Warehouse Union | African American stevedores--Washington (State)--Seattle | Stevedores--Washington (State)--Seattle | Stevedores--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Centro de la Raza (Seattle, Wash.) | United Farm Workers Organizing Committee | Chicano movement--Washington (State)--Seattle | Vineyard laborers--California | Vineyard laborers--Labor unions--California | Boycotts--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor disputes--California | University of Washington | Mexican American students--Washington (State)--Seattle | United Mexican American Students (Seattle, Wash.) | Grape Strike, Calif., 1965-1970 | Mexican Americans--Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle | Mexican Americans--Civil rights--California | Mexican Americans--Politics and government | African American communists--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American labor leaders--Washington (State)--Seattle | African American political activists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Political activists--Washington (State)--Seattle | African Americans--Politics and government | Communist Party of the United States of America (Wash.) | Filipino Forum (Seattle, Wash.) | Filipino students--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle | Filipino Americans--Newspapers | Press, Labor--Washington (State) | Labor journalism--Washington (State) | Journalists--Washington (State)--Seattle | Newspapers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Labor movement--Newspapers | Labor literature--Washington (State)--Seattle | Canned foods industry--Employees--Washington (State)--Seattle | Canned foods industry--Employees--Alaska | Canned foods industry--Employees--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Canned foods industry--Employees--Labor unions--Alaska | Cannery workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Cannery workers--Alaska | Cannery workers--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Cannery workers--Labor unions--Alaska | Agricultural laborers--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Cannery Workers and Farm Laborers Union. Local 7 (Seattle, Wash.) | International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union. Local 37 (Seattle, Wash.) | Segregation in education--Washington (State)--Seattle | School integration--Washington (State)--Seattle | Racial discrimination--Washington (State)--Seattle | Private schools--Washington (State)--Seattle | Black Student Union (University of Washington) | United Construction Workers Association | Construction workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Construction workers--Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle | Construction workers--Political activity | African American construction workers--Washington (State)--Seattle | Seattle (Wash.), 47.60621, -122.332071 | King County (Wash.) | Fort Lawton (Seattle, Wash.)
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