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Latinos and Seattle's civil rights history

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Title:Latinos and Seattle's civil rights history

This page is a gateway to the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project resources for exploring the civil rights activism of Latinos in the Pacific Northwest. Included are special sections on the Chicano/a Movement in Washington State History Project, United Farm Workers in WA State, and Segregated Seattle; activist oral histories; research reports; newspaper reports; photographic collections; maps; and historical documents. Oral histories are included for: Pedro Acevez, Juan Jose Bocanegra, Sidney Gallegos, Erasmos Gamboa, Guadalupe Gamboa, Rosalinda Guillen, Roberto Maestas, Frank Martinez, Blanca Estella Martinez, Ricardo Martinez, Rogelio Riojas, Jesus Rodriguez, Rebecca Saldana, and Tomas Villanueva.

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