Baer (Byron M.) Freedom Riders Collection All Items

1.Baer (Byron M.) Freedom Riders Collection | XML | mus_z2309
2.Byron M. Baer's "Confessions of a Freedom Rider" scrapbook, containing newsclippings, photographs, and other information, both typed and handwritten, compiled on construction paper. | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-5
3.Byron M. Baer's codes for prison communication, trial information, and a hearing aid receipt, 1961-1962 | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-3
4.Correspondence, notes, and other documents related to Freedom Rider imprisonment in Parchman Penitentiary. | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-1
5.Freedom Rider correspondence; publicity flyers; and a 1964 report on a study of Freedom Riders' race, gender, geographic distribution, motivation, political and philosophical views, and religious identification; 1961-1964; n.d. | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-4
6.Letter from Byron M. Baer to Mrs. Elizabeth Kroll, written on toilet paper in Parchman Penitentiary | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-2
7.Newsclippings | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-6
8.Newsclippings | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-7
9.Newsclippings | XML | mus_z2309_z2309-1-8