Voices of Civil Rights All Items

1.Aerial view of marchers crossing bridge during the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08101
2.Anti-segregationists ride bus | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08094
3.Bomb-damaged trailers at the Gaston Motel, Birmingham, Alabama | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04293
4.Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas, African American students arriving in U.S. Army car | XML | loc_voices_ppmsc00182
5.Civil rights demonstrators from the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee chained to a federal courthouse in New York City in protest of civil rights abuses in Jackson, Mississippi | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08106
6.Civil rights march on Washington, D.C. | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04296
7.Civil rights march on Washington, D.C. | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04297
8.Cleveland Robinson, full-length portrait, facing front, standing on second floor balcony of the National Headquarters of the March on Washington in Harlem, with his arm lifted up toward banner announcing the march | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08098
9.Congress of Racial Equality conducts march in memory of Negro youngsters killed in Birmingham bombings, All Souls Church, 16th Street, Washington, D.C. | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04298
10.Emmett Till and his mother, Mamie Bradley, head-and-shoulders portrait | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08092
11.Freedom group hang signs on bus | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08129
12.Governor George Wallace attempting to block integration at the University of Alabama | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04294
13.John Lewis and others pray during demonstration | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08099
14.Negro demonstration in Washington, D.C. Justice Dept. Bobby Kennedy speaking to crowd | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04295
15.A pair of muddy shoes underscore the weariness following the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama; state capitol in background | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08103
16.Participants, some carrying American flags, marching in the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08102
17.Poor People's March at Lafayette Park and on Connecticut Avenue | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04302
18.President Lyndon B. Johnson gives Dr. Martin Luther King one of the pens used in the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, in the background are Rep. Claude Pepper (center) and Rev. Ralph Abernathy | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08105
19.Prevent a 2nd massacre at Wounded Knee : show your solidarity with the Indian nationsPrevent a second massacre at Wounded Knee | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08113
20.Protest by ministers | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08096
21.Rev. R.L.T. Smith, near top at right, addresses crowd in New York at a memorial service for Medgar Evers | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08097
22.Somebody paid the price for your right : register / vote | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08112
23.Stokely Carmichael in midst of crowd demonstrating near the Capitol | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08100
24.Street rally in New York City, October 11, 1955, under joint sponsorship of NAACP and District 65, retail, wholesale and department store workers Union in protest of slaying of Emmett Till | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08093
25.This is a general view of the scene where Michigan civil rights worker, Mrs. Viola Liuzzo was slain late March 25, 1965 Lowndesboro, Alabama | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08104
26.Trial by violence | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08107
27.Viva Chavez, viva la causa, viva la huelga | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08114
28.Voices of civil rights | XML | loc_voices
29.Washington D.C. riot. April 1968. Aftermath | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca04301
30.We shall overcome March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 28, 1963 | XML | loc_voices_ppmsca08058