Turning Points in Wisconsin History All Items

1.Attitude study among Negro and White residents in the Milwaukee Negro residential areas | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp264000
2.A block-print wall hanging from the Milwaukee Handicraft Project | XML | wsh_turningpts_1497
3.Citizenship of Wisconsin | XML | wsh_turningpts_986
4.Desegregation and civil rights | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp-049
5.The housing of Negroes in Milwaukee, 1955 | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp231000
6.Impact of school desegregation in Milwaukee public schools on quality education for minorities-- 15 years later | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp233000
7.Milwaukee's Negro community | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp228000
8.The need in Milwaukee for extending employment of Negroes | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp230
9.Negro business Directory of the state of Wisconsin, 1950-1951 | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp304000
10.Negro families in rural Wisconsin | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp232000
11.Post-war African American migration | XML | wsh_turningpts_tp-047
12.Thousands witness parade of Klan | XML | wsh_turningpts_1002
13.Turning points in Wisconsin history | XML | wsh_turningpts