Road trip! through SC Civil Rights history (1940s - 1970s)

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Title:Road trip! through SC Civil Rights history (1940s - 1970s) | Road trip! through South Carolina Civil Rights history (1940s - 1970s)

Interactive Web site designed to help teachers and students learn about the people, events and importance of the civil rights movement in South Carolina from the 1940s to the early 1970s. The site uses real life technology gadgets such cell phones, camcorders, laptops and GPS mapping systems in a virtual world to make the learning of history a fun and enjoyable experience. The site includes virtual tours of historic locations, ability to download pictures and video clips, using downloaded items to create a civil rights report for class, lesson plans created to South Carolina standards, a searchable database, a timeline of all civil rights events, a photo gallery, email and contact information for site consultants, information to archival institutions, and a reading list of suggested resources.

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