Civil rights films from USC's moving image research collections All Items

1.African Americans meet about USC integration--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_35
2.Andrew Young on Charleston hospital strike--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_17
3.Andrew Young on the political challenge of black community--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_8
4.Bethea on national news media and integration--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_6
5.Bombing in protest of integration of USC--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_28
6.Bombing in protest of integration of USC--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_39
7.Charleston Civil Rights activists bailed out of jail--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_20
8.Charleston Civil Rights activists bailed out of jail--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_38
9.Charleston Civil Rights demonstrations--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_27
10.Charleston hospital strike--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_2
11.Civil rights films from USC's moving image research collections | XML | suc_mirccr
12.Civil rights marching and arrests--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_26
13.Civil Rights protestors demonstrate on King Street--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_1
14.Clifton Brown on trespassing ordinances--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_12
15.Clyburn announces for South Carolina Secretary of State--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_18
16.Clyburn clarifies revenue sharing issues--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_25
17.Clyburn defends the S.C. Human Affairs Commission--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_16
18.Clyburn elected president of Young Democrats of South Carolina--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_21
19.Clyburn interviewed about welfare abuses--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_7
20.Clyburn on Bethune portrait--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_33
21.Clyburn on community relations councils--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_9
22.Clyburn on state budget cuts--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_14
23.Congressman Oscar De Priest--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_11
24.Edwards convicted for demonstrations at State House--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_19
25.Gloria Rackley on student demonstrators--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_0
26.Harvey Gantt interviewed at Clemson--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_30
27.Hollings on Civil Rights lawsuits--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_37
28.Integration demonstrations at State House--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_22
29.Joe Rogers on USC integration--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_36
30.Ku Klux Klan rally in Ballentine--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_5
31.Martin L. King on voting--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_23
32.Martin Luther King speech in Charleston, SC 1967--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_13
33.Modjeska Simkins interview--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_32
34.Modjeska Simkins on political parties--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_15
35.Monteith interviewed about USC desegregation--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_10
36.News report and NAACP response to Orangeburg Massacre--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_24
37.On Harvey Gantt/Clemson ruling--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_29
38.Pete Strom on Orangeburg demonstrations--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_4
39.Russell Reports on outcome of National Governors' Conference--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_3
40.State Human Affairs Commission meeting--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_31
41.Students demonstrate outside Governor's mansion--outtakes | XML | suc_mirccr_34