Memphis civil rights photograph collection All Items

1.Black civil rights activists march while segregationists protest | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000201
2.Black college and high school students arrested during demonstration | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000205
3.Civil rights march on Main Street, Memphis, Tennessee | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000202
4.Civil rights marchers picket Cotton Carnival | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000206
5.Demonstration during public school boycott | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000204
6.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Daisy Bates address Freedom Rally | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000208
7.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shakes hands with Benjamin L. Hooks | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000203
8.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks at Freedom Rally, Memphis, TN | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000200
9.March to support 1969 school boycott | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000214
10.Maxine A. Smith at downtown business boycott | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000211
11.Memphis civil rights photograph collection | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp
12.Students conduct a lunch counter sit-in | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000209
13.White segregationists stage counter protest | XML | tnmpl_memphiscrp_000207