Madam C.J. Walker All Items

1.1911 Location of The Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_139
2.1928 National Convention of Madam C.J. Walker Agents | XML | xhs_mcjw_7
3.1928 National Convention of Mme. C.J. Walker Agents and the Celebration of the Opening of the Walker Building | XML | xhs_mcjw_10
4.1928 National Convention of Mme. C.J. Walker Agents and the Celebration of the Opening of the Walker Building | XML | xhs_mcjw_11
5.Advertisement for Glossine Hair Dressing | XML | xhs_mcjw_24
6.Advertisement for Madam Walker Agents | XML | xhs_mcjw_19
7.Advertisement for Madam Walker Cosmetics | XML | xhs_mcjw_22
8.Articles of Incorporation for the Walker Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_122
9.A Back View of Barbara L. Morton's Hairstyle | XML | xhs_mcjw_63
10.Badge from a Walker Convention | XML | xhs_mcjw_143
11.Badge from Walker Convention | XML | xhs_mcjw_144
12.Booker T. Washington on a Horse | XML | xhs_mcjw_26
13."Child Curls" | XML | xhs_mcjw_62
14.City Bus with Satin Tress Advertisement | XML | xhs_mcjw_16
15.Class in Theory | XML | xhs_mcjw_54
16.Classroom at a Beauty College | XML | xhs_mcjw_59
17.Dinah Washington Attends 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Walker Manufacturing Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_35
18.Display of Walker Products | XML | xhs_mcjw_9
19.Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune with Walker Staff and Graduates | XML | xhs_mcjw_56
20.Employees of the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Shoppe in Kansas City, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_51
21.Exterior View of Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_43
22.Exterior View of Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_45
23.F.B. Ransom with 1939 Graduating Class | XML | xhs_mcjw_58
24."Glorified Maturity" | XML | xhs_mcjw_64
25.Graduates of the Walker School of Beauty Culture in St. Louis, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_53
26.Graduating Class of Walker Agents Muskogee, Oklahoma | XML | xhs_mcjw_52
27.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_13
28.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_66
29.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_68
30.Hairstyle Model | XML | xhs_mcjw_12
31.Hairstyle Models | XML | xhs_mcjw_65
32.James Weldon Johnson | XML | xhs_mcjw_27
33.A Jar of Brilliantine | XML | xhs_mcjw_17
34.Letter from Mme. C.J. Walker to F.B. Ransom, April 14, 1916 | XML | xhs_mcjw_180
35.Letter from Mme. C.J. Walker to F.B. Ransom. April 10, 1916 | XML | xhs_mcjw_185
36.Letter from Mme. Walker to F.B. Ransom, September, 1915 | XML | xhs_mcjw_172
37.M0399 Madam Walker Collection | XML | xhs_mcjw_188
38.Madam C.J. Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw
39.Madam C.J. Walker Beauty College in Dallas Texas | XML | xhs_mcjw_47
40.Madam C.J. Walker Junior Senior Prom at the Little Theater in Kansas City, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_50
41.Madam C.J. Walker Orphan at 14 | XML | xhs_mcjw_25
42.Madam C.J. Walker's Wonderful Hair Grower | XML | xhs_mcjw_20
43.Madam Walker at the Dedication of the Senate Avenue YMCA | XML | xhs_mcjw_140
44.Madam Walker at Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_41
45.Madam Walker Cosmetics Display | XML | xhs_mcjw_15
46.Madam Walker Demonstrating a Procedure | XML | xhs_mcjw_146
47.Madam Walker Driving an Automobile | XML | xhs_mcjw_40
48.Madam Walker Giving Combing Demonstration | XML | xhs_mcjw_145
49.Madam Walker on the Porch of Her Business | XML | xhs_mcjw_38
50.Madam Walker Seated in a Pope Waverley Automobile | XML | xhs_mcjw_39
51.Madam Walker's Passport Application | XML | xhs_mcjw_168
52.Mae Walker Perry | XML | xhs_mcjw_29
53.Marjorie S. Joyner and Billie Holliday | XML | xhs_mcjw_31
54.Marjorie S. Joyner Styling Hair | XML | xhs_mcjw_32
55.Mme. C.J. Walker's Liquid Hair Coloring | XML | xhs_mcjw_18
56.Mrs. Wanda Bolton Demonstrating at the Regional Beauty College Convention at Kansas City, Missouri | XML | xhs_mcjw_49
57.Music Room at the Annie E. Poth Home, Formerly Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_42
58.National Convention of Walker Beauticians at Villa Lewaro | XML | xhs_mcjw_44
59.Office of Madam C. J. Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw_6
60.Participants in the 60th Anniversary Gala | XML | xhs_mcjw_142
61.Permanent Wave Demonstration | XML | xhs_mcjw_57
62.Portrait of Madam C.J. Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw_147
63.Portrait of Marjorie S. Joyner | XML | xhs_mcjw_33
64.Portrait of Willard Ransom | XML | xhs_mcjw_34
65.Press Releases from the First National Convention of Madam Walker Agents | XML | xhs_mcjw_165
66.Principal Priscilla Dean Lewis Principal of Walker Beauty School and Students | XML | xhs_mcjw_55
67.Program from the 17th National Convention and 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Walker Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_141
68.Robert Brokenburr and Marjorie Joyner | XML | xhs_mcjw_28
69.S. Henry Bundles at Radio Station WLIB | XML | xhs_mcjw_36
70.Satin Tress Hair Products | XML | xhs_mcjw_67
71.Special Offer for Walker Cosmetics | XML | xhs_mcjw_23
72.Suit of the Central Amusement Company | XML | xhs_mcjw_191
73.U.S. Postage Stamp Honoring Madam Walker | XML | xhs_mcjw_148
74.Unique Beauty Salon Owned by Pauline Holder | XML | xhs_mcjw_46
75.Violet Reynolds Making a Film about Walker Products | XML | xhs_mcjw_37
76.Walker Beauty Shop in Dallas, Texas | XML | xhs_mcjw_48
77.Walker Building on Indiana Avenue | XML | xhs_mcjw_192
78.Walker Company's Personal Appearance Class at Flanner House | XML | xhs_mcjw_60
79.Walker Graduates in Chicago, Illinois 1936 | XML | xhs_mcjw_61
80.Walker Students Modeling Original Hairstyles Created by Students | XML | xhs_mcjw_14
81.Warranty Deed for Walker Family Property | XML | xhs_mcjw_123
82.Williard B. Ransom's Certificate of Employment as a Lobbyist | XML | xhs_mcjw_124
83.Women at the Cosmetics Bar in the Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Shoppe | XML | xhs_mcjw_21